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The thing about these proclamations is every expertise in the world comes with evolving terminology.

Healthcare, labor, economics, every expertise has evolving terminology because we discover new things and necessities, ire is reserved for terminology used by people of color to describe themselves.

It’s so wild cause when I did more racial equity training, you walk in to so many audiences ready to be in the deep work of unearthing the literal wild things that have been trained into us and what’s the first thing white folks want to know?

“Can you just tell me if it’s Hispanic or Latino? What is Latinx?” “Am I allowed to say Black?” So much complexity and this is where we get stuck.

The thing is, it’s not like you don’t lose social capital in other subjects for not knowing a specific cultural evolution. Ask a techie their social reception if they aren’t up on the latest framework discussion/conflict.

I use this terminology loosely but the “learner” doesn’t get roiling mad at the “expert” in those situations. But there is resentment at getting more precise about conversations about race. I offer this not as an admonishment but as a way to think about this stuff.

I was a part of healthcare when the term social determinants of health was a niche not broadly used term and now it has broad adoption. Health equity is now a term that has been around for years but is only starting to get broad adoption. That doesn’t mean it didn’t exist before.

And yes, if you walk into a conversation where you talk like you’re an expert and aren’t using the terminology that actual experts are using, there are social consequences for that.

Can we all be a little more gracious with folks? Yes. No question. Is it much harder to do when folks come in presumptuously? Yes. Is it any different in any other specialty? No.

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