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Here's a long thread complementing my interview with @NahamSec. Feel free to skip it...

First, of course, a link to the interview 

Books I cherised in the early days: "Building Internet Firewalls" and "The Web Application Hacker's Handbook"

What I consider a very good talk: Unicode research by @h3xstream at @northsec_io 2020 

English-speaking video of my 2015 talk on SSRF (the one which changed Naffy's view on hacking): 

And a French version of the same talk (with more jokes!!), given at @hackfest_ca 

How to select a subject: try dozens of them (for example on @WebSecAcademy labs) and keep the ones that really got you intellectually excited

How to reach the (public) "state of the art": select a subject, read/watch all the good stuff on it, replicate at home, then battle-test your skills on real targets

How to find innovative stuff: reach the state of the art and continue exploring (possibly because known techniques don't work on your targets), either in depth or in width

Cf @NahamSec and @daeken research on PDF generators 

Another example with @orange_8361 research on abusing URL parsers 

One of my first workshop on Burp Suite (2013 - in French - image quality is awful) 

My lastest blog post on Burp Suite: how to deal with CSRF tokens in Intruder, without macros 

An older blog entry, where I exploit a blind XSS with only Burp Suite 

Last one: exploiting WPAD with Burp Suite and a custom extension, for example during internal pentests 

Burp Suite extensions I recommend (in no specific order): AutoRepeater, Content Type Converter, Param Miner, Request Minimizer, Backslash Powered Scanner, ActiveScan++, Taborator, Paramalyzer, Upload Scanner, Hackvertor, Piper, Request Timer, Logger++, Add Custom Header

One way to optimize your Burp Suite workflow: learn keyboard shortcuts and combine them (any idea what Ctrl-R + Ctrl-Shift-R + Control-Space will do?)

A second way, shortening feedback loops: use macros and session handling rules to automate common scenarios, like injecting in page A and looking at the response of page B

Knowing how to program is super useful. Here's a basic Bash script, used to download videos from Twitter 

My favorite French expression is "La putain de sa mère !"

One single advice for newcomers and future hackers: you have only one reputation. Take care of it, that will maximize your opportunities.

Recent example: long-read on @MalwareTechBlog at Wired 

I'll give an online Burp Suite Pro training in early August, with my great assistant @AbyXss 

My "HTTP Traceroute" tool and research from 2011 (apparently still useful, according to the stream's chat) 

Quoting myself: "In order to do new research, you don't need a new subject!"

That's all folks! #TheEnd

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