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I see a fair number of comments about these rules. In the end, any change in immigration rules can seriously mess up anyone's legal standing in a country because immigration rules tend to be extremely opaque, unfriendly or takes a lot of calls/emails/visits to offices to sort out

I have the misfortune of having to deal with the INS/USCIS as well as immigration offices of China, South Korea and Singapore. I can tell you that all interactions or any work related to any of these immigration offices at four different countries is SUPER UNPLEASANT

With the exception of the INS/USCIS, I was dealing with the other jurisdictions with comparative position of privilege. But the problem I universally encounter is when I have a question or need clarification and try to get answers, I always get slightly different answers.

So...with the health exams specifically for returning to SK, Some questions would be

a) where can I get this test in country X?
b) what kind of a test do I need to get in country X?
c) how can I get the waiver thingy from the embassy? what do I need to show/prove?

The issue here is if someone were in a situation in which s/he has to leave South Korea for unavoidable reasons and then return, is there someone who can quickly, definitively and easily give the answers to questions a to c. I would be wildly surprised if it takes just 1 call.

Not really a hot take here, just a roundabout way of expressing some empathy

(and in practice I would also need to produce health exam report if I were to leave and then come back to SK)

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