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When folks prioritize Amy Coopers job or dog over the life she was threatening in this convo, you send a message to Black folks about their disposability to you. Center this conversation on the life that was threatened and how this woman weaponized her white femininity to do it.

And for folks feeling really precious about the Twitter “mob”. Maybe think about how for all of American history, things like this happened without repercussion. And TO DATE this is the ONLY FORM of repercussion there really has been. We should be ashamed of THAT.

We traumatize Black folks with the violence we still allow to be visited on them and then we further traumatize people by prioritizing everything but their lives. It’s double doses of harm.

A few folks are responding to this with "can't we care about the dog too, though?" As with all things, you can do what you want. I'm pointing out the impact on Black people when we center that too. You either care about that or you don't.

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