Nikesh Shukla+ Your Authors @nikeshshukla Writer: BROWN BABY: A MEMOIR OF RACE, FAMILY AND HOME (Feb 2021) | books @kcagents film/TV @unitedtalent (US) @cbtheatrefilmtv (UK) May. 26, 2020 1 min read + Your Authors

Hearing the words 'we already have all our Asian projects' from a broadcaster when your script is a coming-of-age sitcom about an every-teenager (who is brown) in the year of our Lord, 2020, reminds me how little has changed despite the hard work of many.

Flung out a tweet then did a meeting and then came back and oops. Thanks for all your support. Luckily I have a great producer and great agents and here for the long game.

Oh the irony of doing The Good Immigrant and being told you helped re-shape the conversation and then...

It's the Highlander syndrome that gets me. There can be only one. And your story, whatever it is, will always be the Asian one. As a reminder, as if we didn't do a whole bloody popular book about it four years ago, whiteness is the default.

If the script isn't good, then say so. Don't pit me against my brothers and sisters in competition for one or two lowly Asian slots.

that should be 'lowly' 'Asian' slots. My brothers and sisters are far from lowly.

Anyway.... I'm going to test my eyesight by driving from Bristol to Scotland now. BYE.

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