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Brandon Long (King of Westeros)+ Your Authors @BLongStPaul @ObiLongStPaul dad | son | brother | husband | 🦃 herder | obsessed with dogs | former chair of several things | #spacclsp 2020 | executive director somewhere.. May. 26, 2020 6 min read + Your Authors

Citizen blockade near 38th and Chicago shutting down Chicago


Lots and lots of people at 38th and Chicago for #GeorgeFloyd. 99% wearing masks.

Chants of “no justice, no peace” ringing out for #GeorgeFloyd

I’m seeing folks passing out masks to those that don’t have them near 38th and Minneapolis #GeorgeFloyd

Strength. #GeorgeFloyd

Crowd doing their best to spread out and be socially distant down 38th street #GeorgeFloyd

“We are not looking for civil rights we’re looking for human rights” #GeorgeFloyd

Every street sorrounding 38th and Minneapolis is blocked by citizen blockades. I’ve seen absolutely zero police presence in the half hour I’ve been here #GeorgeFloyd

Honestly after seeing the horrific #GeorgeFloyd video this morning I’m not going to be surprised if the police either don’t show up or show up a bit later. I didn’t and don’t have any words for how it felt to watch that video. I can imagine there’s a lot of that out here.

Citizen Protest Marshall’s redirecting traffic on the north side of the 38th and Chicago intersection. The Twin Cities are brimming with great organizers. #GeorgeFloyd

You can tell this isn’t easy for people (not that it ever is), everyone wants to be safe during a pandemic but justice can’t wait #GeorgeFloyd

Sums up the mood here at 38th and Chicago #GeorgeFloyd

More organizers handing out masks, this woman is walking through asking people to spread out says they’re watching us and looking for a way to shut this down. #GeorgeFloyd

Some folks are here but staying in their cars #GeorgeFloyd

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people here now. #GeorgeFloyd

People continue to stream in. #GeorgeFloyd

Folks are starting to stop further and further from the corner to spread out.

MY future state senator the wonderful @epmurphymn is here in solidarity #GeorgeFloyd

The Vital Kings are here ... not familiar with them but they’re riding up to 38th and Chicago #GeorgeFloyd

Wandering the periphery of the protest and it is very wide. I’m still seeing people East down past Park Ave. It’s spread out all over the place #GeorgeFloyd

Also - in addition to a mask and sanitizer I have a carbon filter in my mask, I am taking this seriously #GeorgeFloyd

Hardcore struggling to get tweets sent, not sure if it’s just the crowd or what but video is especially not working #GeorgeFloyd

Even these all text tweets take way longer than they should #GeorgeFloyd

Still haven’t seen a single police officer and I’ve walked the entire parameter of the protest #GeorgeFloyd

I’ve never been to a single Twin Cities protest (and I’ve been to a loooot of them) and not seen a single police officer at least at some point. #GeorgeFloyd

Talked to a buddy who had to go because he was worried about social distancing - I don’t say this bc it’s an indictment of this protest (I’m here in support!) but to highlight everyone is struggling to balance justice with safety in light of something so horrendous #GeorgeFloyd

I have no doubt there will be people who will criticize those who showed up but this isn’t a protest because people are bored at home. This shit cannot be ignored. #GeorgeFloyd

Here’s a preemptive fuck you to @realDonaldTrump for his inevitable horrible take on this. From Saint Paul to you we despise you. #GeorgeFloyd

Protest moved slightly to the East


Emotions are (rightfully) raw #GeorgeFloyd

Man I really can’t tweet videos, this 4 second one took a whole minute to upload #GeorgeFloyd

Another protestor handing out masks #GeorgeFloyd

Your reminder that #PhilandoCastille never got justice #GeorgeFloyd

Enough said. #GeorgeFloyd

I hear sirens... but could be for something else ... #GeorgeFloyd

The crowd has only grown bigger in the last hour #GeorgeFloyd

Big line of protestors in cars #GeorgeFloyd

The protest is on the move - “fuck @realDonaldTrump” can be heard loud and clear #GeorgeFloyd

Protest headed down 38th passed 13 Ave #GeorgeFloyd

Protest is moving quickly East, people still coming to join coming West #GeorgeFloyd

I’m estimating the march is at least 4-5 blocks long, still can’t see the end #GeorgeFloyd

Definitely going to try to obtain a COVID test after this just to be safe. Like I said before though, 99% of people are wearing masks.


The march is well beyond 16th Ave, can’t see the start of the crowd #GeorgeFloyd

Going to guess that if this reaches Hiawatha the cops will show up, in fact I hear a ton of sirens now. #GeorgeFloyd

Random - some dude saw my @mplscitysc jersey and either said “F**k the crows” or “I love the crows”. I’m going to hear the latter.

Fortunately now that the crowd is moving there is more room to spread out - good call #GeorgeFloyd

My father who’s only voted non-Republican like twice in his life.

(HATES Trump before you assume...) #GeorgeFloyd

Wish my pop could raise hell with us. No justice. No peace. #GeorgeFloyd

Passing 23rd Ave and I’m not even at the front #GeorgeFloyd

Still no cops insight. #GeorgeFloyd

This is one of the largest protests I’ve been to and it was all thrown together less than 24 hours after
#GeorgeFloyd’s murder.

Folks that live along 38th standing outside their house in support. #GeorgeFloyd

Someone is tagging utility boxes along 38th #GeorgeFloyd

This guy looked like he was going to drive through the crowd #GeorgeFloyd

The protest has reached the light rail; not sure if it’ll be blocked or not #GeorgeFloyd

Looks like it won’t block the light rail so far, heading up Hiawatha instead #GeorgeFloyd

Folks letting another light rail pass #GeorgeFloyd

Instead Hiawatha south bound is being taken over #GeorgeFloyd

Still haven’t seen a single cop this is wild #GeorgeFloyd

Another citizen blockade of cars now blocking Hiawatha #GeorgeFloyd

Lots of solidarity honks as cars pass #GeorgeFloyd

Hiawatha bridge north bound now being taken over, downtown mpls within site #GeorgeFloyd

Not. One. Cop. In. Sight. #GeorgeFloyd

Seriously loud honks of solidarity


Not sure what’s happening at the front but some folks are heading back south on Hiawatha #GeorgeFloyd

Found the front of the protest #GeorgeFloyd

The #GeorgeFloyd protest has reached @MinneapolisPD

Right outside the @MinneapolisPD front doors

Just heard someone ask someone else to get milk in case they start macing #GeorgeFloyd

Sanitizer and water set up here #GeorgeFloyd

Other side of the @MinneapolisPD station, don’t see a single cop #GeorgeFloyd

The entire @MinneapolisPD building is surrounded by protestors #GeorgeFloyd

Protestors guiding traffic away from protest on 27th and lake #GeorgeFloyd

If you’re media and you use my tweets, photos or videos you did not have permission #GeorgeFloyd

Honestly, this is one of the most intense demonstrations I’ve been to. As it should be #GeorgeFloyd

Window busted at @MinneapolisPD #GeorgeFloyd

Getting milk ready in case of mace #GeorgeFloyd

More broken windows, people are yelling at the people throwing things. Pro tip - don’t be a white asshole and cause destruction at a police station surrounded by POC #GeorgeFloyd.

Riot police moving inside #GeorgeFloyd

Flash bang rounds and tear gas #GeorgeFloyd

Tons of tear gas #GeorgeFloyd

It’s super tense right now, police are coming out any minute folks are walking back to the parking lot #GeorgeFloyd

People heading to the door #GeorgeFloyd

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