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I like the Me+20 Conjecture a lot.

It goes like this:

• What will I know in 20 years that I don’t know now?

• How can I understand & learn that now instead of learning from mistakes over the next 20 years?

• What current beliefs might be getting in the way of this inquiry?

I've used the Me+20 Conjecture for things that fall in the category of "wisdom", not so much for "facts".

It probably also works for facts, but I can't be sure.

Besides life decisions, it can be useful for business decisions (usually on a shorter timescale, say 3 yrs or 5 yrs).

A couple of notes, for any skeptics:

• First step is realizing that personal growth means that one's beliefs could be very different N years from now

• A further test: Are your current beliefs identical to those held by You-20?

Examples of decisions that could lead to different outcomes with the Me+20 Conjecture

- Should I take this fancy CxO job if it means 20% less time with my kids?

- Is it time to sever this old friendship?

- Should I move to California?

- Should I take a 6 month sabbatical now?

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