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How to do things that don't scale (but still stack cash).


Like many people starting service businesses, my first iteration was diabolical for my quality of life.

A bunch of clients that all needed different deliverables, on different timelines, with different processes.

Fun, but gets very inefficient at scale.

Enter @visualizevalue - a drastically simplified agency model with a single focus: helping businesses with drastically new approaches to solving a problem articulate their value to customers, investors, and internal teams.

On the front end, I used @visualizevalue to articulate concepts that resonate more widely - content that drew the attention of people that need help making their ideas tangible, and people who just appreciate good ideas.

B2B leads come rolling in via  http://visualizevalue.com/sprint  (at capacity for the next 6 months)

Completed projects provide social proof, while the front end content engine keeps running and building the consumer audience.

While these projects are gratifying and keep the skillset sharp, there is a cap to how many can be done, bound by the laws of the universe.

So, figure out how to translate those skills into a curriculum, and leverage the internet to sell at scale:

Every piece of content you produce reaches both your potential B2B clients (no scale, high effort) and customers for your scalable product. (high scale, no effort)

($105,000 and counting this month)

Best of both worlds.

If you want to learn how to leverage visual design to communicate more effectively, you can check it out here:


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