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I’ve been using Testing Library intensively for the last six months.

It’s a terrific library with an awesome vision. I definitely see it becoming a standard, especially for integration testing.

There are a few things that do frustrate me:

- The docs are messy. It’s easy to jump between flavors without realizing it, the language isn’t the most beginner-friendly, it lacks more real-world use cases and being solution-oriented.

- There’s a lot of knowledge scattered between the docs, GitHub issues and Spectrum. I often end up Googling instead of using the docs because it’s usually not where I find answers.

- All flavors aren’t always in sync. I’m using Preact Testing Library and for example, while the waitFor* utilities are deprecated in favor of waitFor everywhere in the docs, it’s not yet an exposed function in PTL.

Now, there are many upsides:

- Testing the front end in integration _should_ be done as closely as a user would do it. You may wrestle with Testing Library at first but you’re actually wrestling against yourself and your bad practices. TL forces you to write better code.

- The API may be surprising when you’re used to other libraries but it’s actually awesome and makes reading tests a bliss. I’ve showed tests to non-JS coworkers and they agreed that it’s super clear.

- Accessibility-based testing has taught me more on accessibility than lenghty specs. I love when tools teach me stuff.

Awesome job @kentcdodds and contributors!

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