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we can hold but we need to resupply
we are out of munitions
breathing 43 - 19 411 lungs --- oxygen no eye lie --- park 2
strike team 9 i have a mission for you
be ready to link up with the fire team and move them to lake and first

where it is secure
there is another stirike team
i just need to get you over there
info to link up with that righ over
strike team 9 move strike team code 3 to 38 and 4th street????
get out of the 5th preceinct and

move them to the fire station at 38 and fourth street ]
link up with the fire team
follow them to the fire they are going to
provide security with the fire fighters
link up with sargent mosey
they have a cart with sargent todd hammil
copy that

trooper 9 go ahead
wells fargo parking lot is
25pepl in the lot
and half a dozen
and balconys and one on the roof
they do have the high on you but i dont see weapins
good copy
keep surveilance on them
update state reps as needed
1283 be intandem with the troops

we have lethal and less lethal options
we have a group at that white castle???????
-- large lincoln blaisdell --

[awful audio]
[just glitchy glitch glitches]
9901 copy
so thats the same block as the wells fargo blaisdell nic lake to 31 correct

we're at the whitecastle and the corner of the parking lot to the left of the wells fargo otheres are further north up by that partment complet
large groop of troopers getting ready to move to take
care of that problem
[apartment complex]

move to 33 and nicolet i have firefighters that are being assaulted by rocks
we have a strike team 4 that is still inside the 5th precinct?
is that right?
strike team 4?
strike team 4 is inside confirmed
inside the precint 5th perimeter

thats a good copy
9901 astrike team 8 monitoring
uni and western
-- strike -- copy
650 i think those are gang guys
they've been coming and going
they are neighbors

lets send uh 801 or 806 over there to keep an eye also lets get a golf team up to uni western area
fire just pulled up do you guys have gang guys that they need to respond
hey hey hey hey hey not code 4 we have a drunk disorderly male
we dont see any fire

is that code 4 in aurora
there is a drunk male
no fire
do you need a strike team
not code 4
drunk is going back into his. home
you can cancel fire
there is no fire
canceling fire
back into his hom

strike team 8 or sargent
are you monitoring this channel
strike team 8 on channel 8
congregating at an area there

move a team of probably 4 officers west of your location where the ladder truck is spraying water apparently fire fighters are being harrassed and people throwin bottle at em
over there and they are still having big problem let me know
correction east of the locatin

where the ladder truck is spraying water down
9901 to strike 6

(a hawker Beechcraft 400xp just landed at Flying Cloud Airport south of Eden prairie, came from Rochester International Airport)

truck to go to lake and park is that correct
---- 9901 uh to re identify your call sign and nime
strike team 6
go ahead what is your request
we were instructed through dispatch cuz we were supposed to report to lake and park

----- strike team 6 where your team is right now there is a ldder truck spraying water down on the fire
thats uhhhh

[ they are fumbling hard ]
strike team 6 copy
--- there is also a black mask on scene
----- at uh 35 and lake street uhhh get someone on high ground on the bridge and a group underneath
9901 copies
are they east or west of you

we have a good lock
up to first ave
on lake
they also have cover to the north and south
lake and 1st
roger that

black hawk u still monitoring
630 can you advise on the group number on lake and park
yeah we're gonna go over there to check i t out proceed
what do you need
looking for a --- at lake and park

they are coming northbound on blaisdell
[from 1281 or to 1281]
i have a trooper moving north
we have to cover the parking lot at the wells fargo
we need it cleared
we have lethal force
for the roof here
helicopter reported there is a lot of people on high ground be advised

------ lake and park is the vicinity of the fire on lake and park
there is a fair amount of cars on the S side adjacent to the structure fire
no significant group
procede thank you

in the parking lot on fox 9 cross the street on hyatt driver popped out
not sure what he's doing
ok heading that way
001wyr 334 spv should be a buick

staging in richfield
10-4 that is the plan
squad is that
[bad audio]

strike team 3 a little bit of a language barrier but i think they're going inside here
they were worried their building was on fire
there are some --- just stitting out of the building 3 in the lot other than that no larger groups
now taking rocks from blaisdell and lake

those troopers northbound
confirmed troopers are on blaisdell they are gonna
be crossing
copy that ill let the troopers know

from your uhhhhh right side here
squad in kmart parking lot identify]
squad in the kmart lot find out who that is
1280 to it is ------ not even supposed to---- dispatch --- northside
1405 we're gonna be on the move

north and blaisdell to --- and blaisdell
i have up on first shooting at the squad
westbound thru the parking lot
180 get that squad toward lake street now
strike team -------
we're at the white castle
gonna be pushing deep

coming off station
630 cipyt
somone with the squad car
yeah scode 4 to squad car
code 4

lake street
lake and blaisdell
hold this line
nothing inbetween
no one can be behind you
was that for 1281

where is this caller at with the live feed
31 and nicolett in the van
target first and nic
back over to 36 and blaisdell from -- and lake
meet us there
lake and blaisdell turn around and come north to us on blaisdell
to strike team 2

whats the group on the east side of kmart parking lot

strike team 1 thats the group that is responsible fore [shots at the squad?]
to your ---
1281 now we have traffic going southbound on blaisdell from lake

at lake and blaisdell if you move those barricades back out
and protestors move
you can block that traffic
copy that
we fix it
one had a gun was unccooperative
unknown descriptipno
go ahead
--- wisconsin
strike 14
what time did that post office -- come out

we just want to add a note
at that time there is a nick d a r s with a black sedan
posted it live on
nick darren
beating up -- with ablack bandana
live video footage
started at 111

[Another Beech B200 Super King Air (from here on out referred to as BE20) leaving bemidgi headed south south east, likely to St. Paul Downtown Airport. this is one of the two i spotted leaving Fargo .]

was it 1280 copy 1280 corner of lake and 1st cant tell
1280 confirmed
are you able to push forward where we believe those shots came from
we dont have a way to get out there right now

troopers to the left are backing off
1280 those shots came from a large fire up on the [greenway?]
ok received
need a rec squad for state patrol on 31 and blaisdell?

3 for everyon out here looking at th NE corner of KMART unknown if these vehicles are still occupied but we just need to check
then the lot should be done
at this time
thank you
--- that was 1600 start folks
1600 start copy 1 -3
we have plenty of people here in the NE corner

we're gonna push north
those vehicle
-- alright we are moving to the north now to check the NE and ------
trooper 9 has eyes on those vehicles they appear to be cold
the one on the left looks like mustang
it's cold
the other is hot

both of these other cars have engines that are hot

--- 1990
can you put strrike 1 3 6 on detail please
sargent mccan will be talking to the team leaders?
strike 1 copy where are we supposed to report to
strike 10

strike 17
strike 7
strike 7
strike 15

vehicles on main street and we are not sure what the status is of kmart
if they have peoiple still or
domestic extended stay
room 2302
outside in the hallway right now
called in by a family freind

he's know to carry a switchblade
might be high on something
--- squad 260 are you on the air
1280 how far do you want to push huge vehicle fire
just hold at the greenway
dont move any farther
than that

im on a main road here but we havent
on our west side
officers at the precinct make some clarence
big bus coming
5503 did you copy
yup we did

if there is any extra guys from lake street if you can move north we can we see if we still have people inside
so we can be done with it
strike team 1 can take care of that
--- pulled off on
and kmart

just hold on first where we are at for now
i have a car coming at you
from the kmart lot
let them turn ------

now the ne corner of the parking lot
posted up watching the front and we are up the greenway
everything to the west is not checked
and is open
taking the truck
12 38

10 4 vehicle is related

wells fargo lot is now clear
there's a contingency of officers there

copy on security but 7 guns still inside the building
yup lyndale lake jewelers southwest corner
copy that thank you
hes out now

strike 31 --- over
strike 31 check the back door of t mobile 1-31
we're being forced over the greenway
we're not close enough for a plate yet
no lights on

ill take the noise complaint
registration is blf134
10-4 that's actually the owner of the property
----- traveling northebound towards 28 and i think there;s the fire dept

there;s a large number of people jumping on a van
command do you copy
12 83 to 9091
1405 were at the intersection of 31st and 1st
supporting a nat guard element

a crowd of 25 individuals who are confrontational with the nat guard
they are failing to dispurse after multiple orders
do you have any troopers that can come make arrests
copy over we are sending troopers your way

over we got a piece of contigents looking for something to do
1405 id if were counting here but we need a group to make arrests
eastbound towards stevens

eastbound towards stevens
whats the route you want them to come in from?
you guys can come eastbound on 31st
--- 1st ave
you should see the fire truck lights flashing
what's your location

the rest of the team is on their way to 31st and 1st
--- 5 shots fired from the intersection a minute ag
--- we can go
strike --- coming from west

--- trying to catch up to you
anything north on bloomington?
not sure
alright i lost them here idk where they;re at
two black males
18-20 years old

hoodies up over their head
driving a blue chevy impala with plates missing
driving on 76
coming northbound from 75th

pretty beat up on multiple sides
copy you can just --- 1405 do you copy
--- airport
eastbound from the airport
6 6 long tunnel

copy some residents are trying to get out of their parking lot on lake
copy do you have a strike team that can assist
its possible related to ---- 8-10 people trying to break in
strike 34
strike 34 copy
strike 10 heading towards shot fired we will divert

your mission is to move into precinct 1
move into an area towards the first precinct
at your discretion
we have a group diverging on the precinct at this time

units were about to lose this intersection
they just circled back around west and k mart
id say 20-25
vehicles as well
strike team
team 3
we are here but have no resources

still blacked out
black male driver
available yet?
yeah we are returning to lincoln
weve been asked by fire to secure 31st to lake on 1st so they can deal with post office fire
we have access to do it i wanna let you know ahead of movement

1284 needs resupply also
copy 1281 1284 needs resupply
24 copy
06 gold ford ---- outta shokapee
--- we're missing the plates on it
will do

---- vehicle turned right onto summit --- here
10-4 turned on to summit
copy may have just turned north onto western maybe
strike 10 heading towards ---- xray hotel
copy --- and copy the plate
you looking for the red crown vic with no headlights on
secure 694

go ahead
we have --- on this place 401 MB?
changing to channel 2
---- door to HQ ----
lost the vehicle near marshall and franklin
copy vehicle in lost in the area marshall and franklin
copy over

the original plates uhhh dont match up with the 401 MGV
can you call egan see if they have a smash and grab with booze and timberlands
do we need to check any business are they breakig in anywhere
you seal off 31st?
yes we are 31st and 1st

okay were cognizant of it
i also have a large arrest team
ill let them know if you want to start your movement

strike 10 were clear
alright copy sending ---
--- trying to reach ---
[garbled response]

complaints from 5 and below females confirmed fighting and another male is involved in the situation
[garbled response]
1280 we have your --- out back in ---
yeah we can we were just thinking south ----
plates are CRG673

--- with the taillights on
---- pushing people over the other side of the highway
1405 will you call me
1285 go ahead 1405
1285 to 1405 do you have an alterantive to the --- building fire
were at lake and 1st
are there any crowds over there?

you're on fire channe
theres all sorts of places to hide --- here

dispatch the front wheel is falling of the car also
---is the system back
[garbled response]
22 copy
[garbled response]
[continued garbled response]

strike team 2 were --
code 4
395 well
strike 2 no forced entry on van buren
---- were solid there
Copy that

were gonna be 10-8 on --- district
were on the northeast corner ----
we came in and we went to the south along the fence line
lost the track

I'm by myself
copy 37 ---
24 just swing over by the entrance we want you to sit for a second
1-80 1405
another missed caller
was it a female
no it was a male caller

--- what do you need
continuing southbound along the fence
were trying to redeploy lake and harriet
sgt battell we need you to link with juan

theyre coming on foot, several blocks
--- right here
were coming back in to help clear the construction zone
we've covered everything south and west of -- east ---

northeast plaza?
and were also getting reports of -- downtown. We;re gonna leave and join --- but when we do so were leaving the area vulnerable
call me if you have my number
i do
[garbled resonse
--- your way
actually im gonna have you resolve an assault at ---

north coming from chisago area
copy are you coming from the north or south
are you coming from the north or the south
28 and chicago

female says she was attacked by a group of people at the gas station
----- no weapons
can we uhhh 31 and nic right now
strike 2 is coming from the south
copy men arguing in the street on hazel

we have 4 from airport coming
can you meet them and give them direction where you guys need
we need to get out of here
1281 we do have shots fired in the area of lake and harriet

1305 do we have mission right now
go to 31st and harriet north
be advised several shots fired west of where youre going
copy that
--- whats your locaiton
1st and 32nd on harriet

1405 i copy that youre gonna be running into quite a group on the west side
we can side behind us but it looks like a shitload of people
copy that request for north

we have a 1 min departure towards nic
we need a safe route in

3rd and blazedale you want us to meet you at 32nd
no we'll just follow ya
135 to strike 1 and 2
1405 we got cut off
1405 whats your eta on harriet
32nd and blazedale heading that way
copy still on foot
wont be in squad

106 --- cancel
10-4 125 do you have traffic
copy we need one more minute here
---- honda civic
theyre out at granite lake
north of --- street

strike team 1 lets move
strike team 1 move
180 you with us then?
lead the way
team 2 1405 32nd and harriet
i want you on lake street

form a line on lake street
as soon as you own lake street, troopers are gonna surround these guys

as soon as you own lake street, troopers are gonna surround these guys
fire and make arrests
strike 13-strike 34 sgt and officers can make their way in the -- and can prepared for EOT but they are not released
echo 1 to golf 2 and golf 7 as well
echo 1 copies

theyre now trying to get into t mobile
asian male black backpack
23 ---
---- still open
dispatch on 42nd
theyre running everywhere
copy that
9901 to 1405
go ahead
we do have a strike team that can do a quick mission

they have two prisoners they cant move right now
lake street and pilsbury vecinity
have a squad get those prisoners and take them to the precinct do you copy
pilsubury --- on lake street
do the best you can
they cant move
its just a pick up and drop off

make sure they get the names of who arrested them
badge numbers
--- southbound on 10
--- 30th
1080 confirm
we're coming back and then well probably call it
--- 23
theyre on the ground now leaving the east side leaving the parking lot
the male is laying down
---- copy

tell them across the brandt they gotta be careful
copy careful corssing brandt
9901 to strike team 1 ---
strike team 9 are you able to leave your area there
not yet were still with fire fighting a building fire
how many cars in your team
strike team 9 we have 3

9901 to strike team 6
strike team 6
we keep moving we can hear you
your start time tomorrow is 1400
everybdy is coming out
repeating that info
in the announcement
orange suv no plate
1600 start strike team 13-34
echo 1 2 golf 7 sierra
start time tormorow has been changed to 1400

[garbled response]
----- reports
still gonna be half an hour golding the line for fire
passing viking
copy passing viking
security at west --- lake will be there all night

---- when we get on the highway well pass it
were gonna be west bound 2 12
copy westbound 2 12
coming up to mitchell
copy coming up to mitchell
if they can try to get 6
10-4 were calling them
passing mitchell
it looks like were gonna go 2 12 wesr

correction 5 west
1-11 where you at
im in the back, unmber 5
yeah you all can move right ill come in on the left

still west bound passing --- you guys still monitoring?
1405 do we have an eta on a fire truck
---- whats your locaiton
--- fire on ---dale
we'd like to put this fire out before we leave
The whole street

copy west bound on 101
continue westbound in passing vehicle lane
westbound 5 past the market
i think theres one in the backseat
copy westdown on west 78
there is a dog in pursuit

strike 4
strike 4 copy
strike 3 copy
speed 70 there is no traffic

nothing in the residential areas
okay were gonna be northbound on dogwood from west 78th street
no crossroads
no from dogwood
3 i got people behind us from lake and 31st
from nic and the precinct
Copy stick to 41

copy code 4
---- theyre jumping the fense in between us on pilsbury ... 31st
were trying to mitigte them but its tough
spikes at rolling acres
copy spikes at 5 and rolling acres
[garbled response]
okay im watching on camera
red suburban is occupied in thefront i believe

copy we have a swuad interacting with them
strike team where are we with the red suburband
copy 13 and victoria

[garbled response]
==== west of harriet
----broken windowns, theyre starting fired in the middle of the intersection
were gonna try and dig a pit under 40
people walking the perimeter on lake street
fire said rig is en route
copty that
when they get here we wanna push

west on lake
lyndale and lake
heres some kind of boom in the building
garfield 10204
smoke and the sound of aboom
10-4 out

--- ill meet you at -- and glendale to make a line and support you
thanks a lot well wait here for you
ready to get the second set?
negative but he does have flat tired
west bound, no traffic
got a cross for you here, island view road
no traffic
copy no traffic

commence laketown
passing laketown no traffic
--- were gonna form a line and push west
--- 90 still no traffic
3 4 west bound no traffic

on route still no traffic
attempting the pit
multiple cars
were loaded up well send a squad down there with it
5 minutes on those supplies

from --- arizona 944
just south
--lyndale and lake'
blasdell and lake
south of the intersection blaisdell and lake i think its gonna be a stealth car
strike team 1 and 2 go

2- 15
engien 3 is low ---
2 - 8
10 - 1 - 2 -4
copy --1 --4 2181?
where would you like them
if we can go to the corner off of lake just a block to the east of grand and then arrange transport to command

eta on the fire rig on grand
if we can be organized
team 1 cover south of lake
team 2
north of lake
um 6 ---- 4 5 9 5 0
2 come back to a jeep renegade
--- dont move on bryant?
speedway u engine on fire
1405 copy two fires west of lyndale
-- officers -- and ---

copy nicolett ceasel and lyn---
behind it

a block and a half
update strike team 1 lots of people in the neighborhood 32nd 31st bryant aldrich
can we get map location--- back to the tv --- loaded with items?
gonna come north on bryant toward lake
team 2 we have a lot of speeding cars going north and south on lyndale

we need to blok off vehicle traffic
lyndale north and south
back to our original rally points here
they are gonna have to go west or east ----
they just turned turning on 29th going west

--- officers on lake lyndale need support?
we have uh --- good now we still need fire -- the 0--- is on fire also

lead elements are now 29 and blaisdell turning south
copy how large the group?
my guess 150?
125 cars all look loaded
20 people on bikes
--- on 29th westbound
copy thank yoyu
--- clear ----

-- name and a ---
i see them one block
north of us
needed --- threw something out the window
a combo of drugs and gasoline
remember where that was
dump after --- club
confirmed stolen

copy thank you
---- the uh shoot ---
copy strike team 3 are you able to chekc that out
lake and nic
copy that
what was the address
negativ 705 west lake
info kinda sketchy
nothing out here
1280 copy

aldrich and lake firetruck eta on lyndale and lake aldrich and lake
fire at lyndale at fire in the street there
no there is that
but there is also. structure
on se corner and 2 or 3 fires on lyndale
the speedway is fully engulfed
is there a chance that can catch

anything else on fire
we don't see any propane outside
But there are pumps

145 133
and 111
10-4 thank you
10-4 thank you
the speedway fire is there any threat to life?
could it catch something else on fire?
sargent collins advise

yeah there is a multiunit building close in the prox. by it to the south
32603 fires are out other structure
9901 priority fire is speedway correct
occupied residence on fire
speedway correct -----
yeah 9901 we are gonna need fire to lake and aldrich at the speedway

advise fire we have multiple personel and it is code 4
group is now occupying th kmart lot

eat of --- from bryant so --- closer
1405 whats the number
large group full about 200 by now
the unit holding the intersection at blaisdell and lake arent listening
cuz they are setting up kitty corner from them
one block out
from west gate

1283 we are listening to the 7 we have a large hostile crowd and vehicles speeding at us extremely agitated
troopers are marching that way
stand by
strike team 1 availble for whatever
strike team 1 if you are available lets get resources to 31 and ---- blaisdell

uh where do you wanna link
clearing out the multi unit s of speedway quick
we'll link up to you there
be advised we've had 2 vehicles rip out of here northbound
they are driving reeeal wrecklessly

281 eta on fire here at the speedway
confimed --- only for police ---
-- reporting
strike 5
strike 13

strike -- clear footlocker as well
yeah is it still on fire or
there are 2 cars parked out front 2 ppl standing
we'll be on the north side uni pascal
coming up on the ------
---- setting up mortar tubes and buckets of projectiles they are 100 yards from us now

with ---- but we dont have to make 2 and 300
copy that
whats the eta on strike 1
strike 1 waiting for 1280 on lake and lyndale
once they arrive we can roll up
whatever you need
driver side
or passenger side?

----3 15
2900 -- blaisdell
--- simpson and either 6 or 5 doesnt matter to me
ok -- 6 2 so right now they are in the kmart parking lot
thats where they at
setting up mortar
regrouping themself

trooper sevens ---
small clear the rest of the apartment building no one inside leaving now
chief 1
go ahead
what was the address for the last conversation
8600 lyndale
the speedway
im --- right now
wreckless driving be aware of it ok
we are mobile ---

--- car coming out on lake to your left
k we have a car thats gonna try
watch out to our west
on pilsbury
the car that came at us on high speeds
red car northbound
trying to air these vehicles
we appreciate it
keep it coming

1283 where youwanna link
if you can just come eastbound on lake we can meet at blaisdell and lake
on the way
we'll catch up
--- to lake and ---
--- stop --- stop
questions for minneapolis... key to the vehicle?
stand by

speed south on blaisdell
103066 time was 3:11
copy and just a question that they have in custody
looks like we have 3 in custody
no one near there
0----1285 we'll be with team one as well

--- um
ok so ---
yup affirmative
strike 5 can you have the plate c118
the got a if you haven't linked -- falling behind
copy that
parking lot ---
ohhh yeah
we cant get out of here fast enough
copy that
hold what you have
40 troopers
west side on foot

they are sneaking behind you
-- on the back
ill put -- on the back
down on stevens
--- down on stevens
lake street engine 4 -- fire ---
that group is now northbound
group northbound pilsbury
11 clear available

high speed south on blaisdell
--- here
the uh large grap ran toward the greenway
hold up
just hold up
we're coming
and a large group did run toward the greenway
on the main located that jeep wrangler 10 from 494 westbound on 494 exiting on ---

super -- in the street front of blaisdell
copy that
we have that car going northbound white vehicle right behind you be careful
going toward lake
anyone in the back of kmart
copy that hold that
i have 40 coming your way
keep em in circles

we have a couple in custody
a lot that ran
2 of us in squads two squads coming your way
copy that
put em one block to the north of kmart there is a weird t in the road
go that way
lemme know if you see the grou
28th and first is where they are congreagating again

is that a MN plate?
--- so far
towar dthe back on the E side we could use the support here as well
there are groups on the greenway and some across the greenway
can you get miller up to greenway
the troopers on blaisdell
come to the kmart and assist with

the arrest
stand by one sec
the group behind kmart the area to your north is clear those cars went eastbound on 28 toward 35 w a small contingent about 20 on -- and 28
thats where they are at
we'll be there in 30 secs
1281 is clear to fire
where do you need the chevy?

we have a large group trooper 7 put a light on the southside where the bushes are
we'll appreciate it
i dont see anybody
there is nobody they all bunked donw
strike team 1 is coming
---- alright that strike team is behind kmart i have 4 ppl crouched in the bushes

they crouched down
on the green way on the far ne corner
3 crouched down
180 do we have a unit that can address them we can hold on the W side here
jthey can walk them to blaisdell to the NW corner of the parking lot
280 copy
480 watch that green way there just

scared --- ther was no -- technically 29 and nic
--- clear?
copy that
we are gonna need help with transporting 5 to the LAC?
code 4 now
--- to the uni area

chapter 7 where is the ------
out of the bushes on first and the -- right at the NE corner of the kmart and a n eco products
walking northbound
-- for prisoners
just to the east of kmart on first is that clear? we can go that way
tooo late
yes that street is clear

but they are well north of ceasel building way north
--- 9901 national gaurd requesting assisatance on lake and 0--- 2 hum vs out there lake and colombus
two hummers of national gaurd
we have 5 prisoners
--do we have a process for that
-- thank you sir

you are welcom triple c
fire is done on blaisdell and 31
we can go to blaisdell and nicolett
do you wanna go on nic and continue east on lake
strikes on command

um closing in on ---
find someone for the lake and colombus
colombus to chicago
pretty big group of people 75 maybe more
no resources to respond
1282 we are kinda. free
do you want us to make our way there
just --- are -- as well
copy thank you guys

1200 to those responding units two fires on lake and colombus and fires heading back to the station to reup
trooper 9 confirms that structure collaps
--- 1280 rear of kmart on the east side
strike team 1 rear kmart east sid
380 580 clear in a second
where do you need em

uh target
--- in the rear
stike team one W side of kmart in rear
1280 routing
incident here 43417
mpls 1283 copy

we see you making your way here
--- live fire
colombus and lake
75 surrounding 2 national gaurd members
where are the hummers?
lake and colombus
now locating the humvs
trooper 9 give em the locale
em yeah we are looking looks like they got out of there

most people are just milling aroudn
we're gonna boogie too
this is a hostile crowd

confirmed we received info from the national gaurd that they were able to get out
are you pulling out from lake and colomnus
a lot of ground troops coming
we have several options ---

um -------- lake and colombus ---- --- --
--- these fires at cololmbus and lake
1286 we are in a blue -- van on nic and 32
thats a state patrolman
friendly blue van in route
gonna need third NE female diabetic low blood sugar ----

4 troopers on lake we can deployjust tell us the locale
east on lake there is a lot of --- down there
be kmart situation thats done and east on lake
---- bank 606 -- drive car move in occupied
137 someone replace me on that

i need the --- to let us know the wetbound ---cv in route?
380 and 6 squads cleared that are needed
1405 stand by
alright ------- --- 3- and blaisdell
copy that
36 i think]
fine going on uni or?
10 4

---------- [robo voice]
uh east on lake
msp 1
msp1 just to the front left 4 or 5 individuals
under the bridge
as well as a car
taking out of there

the contingent on the W side of kmart lot ---
merge all forces on lake avenue and continue the sweep
-- small suv coming at you
and uh trooper 9 any eyes on the crowd size wise on the stetch of lake in front

yup cars on the bridge on the otherside and 4 cars total that have stopped and about 5 individuals on your side
just watch yourself

1200 is there a few strike teams that can head to lake and colokmbus for these two fires to set up a perimeter
we need to secure that area
yeah we have a lot of resources going over there
---- over there
extremely hostile
need a tight formation

watch you r right flank on 3rd ave i saw 4 parties
underneath dark 630
right underneath you

1280 native male heavy set honda accord with a pistol
flank multiple peaopl projectiles between the buildings on W lake
stand by -- via cell phone
past 3rd secure left flank about 2 houses down
have a gas plan or
munitions plan
be ready when u walk in there
--- fire

--- fire
left of the
your walking east to your left flank thera are 5 06 ppl
picking up projectiles
between those houses
5 or 6 people
ok. i -- to the east of us
--- hostile group with 5 or 6 --- norht to your left flank?

nic from 31
1 vehicle southbound -- from 31
with resources on nicollet on 33
where do you want us
]just standing til we get more --- any large crowd gatherings --- just picking up one herer or there

south of the precinct we have another squad coming in with arestees
shot fired high power rifle
west location
lake and blaisdell

lake and blaisdell
---- might have been a dodge durango he was going south on blaisdell from 31
--- msp 1 your left flank is now clear
we cleared em up

all the way up gonna have people going in and out of those buildings go all the way up on lake [park on chicago?]
gonna be a lot of people
we'lll formulate a plan
yeah we're stopped up at portland and lake
we'll wait for the guys on foot
white durango just went north

strike team 2 u are mobile relocate that vehicle between stops
uuuummmm possibly north on lake and pilsbury
it's possible
if possible?
to the west perimeter of th e precinct
its us in the black truck

1282 and the units respondign to two shooting victims the transit system and midtown exchange
still cant --- at this point
-- co

autozone is completely engulffed not a priority at this time
a yellow party -- outside
trooper 9 where is the location of the fire right now --
lake and
autozone is fully engulfed not attached to the other building
just let it go
yup i would agree
the national gaurd

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