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In the UK and wondering what you can do as an ally against racial injustices? Some ideas below (in no particular order) 👇🏾

1/ first, a must-read from @renireni. Racial injustices in the UK don't get as much attention globally and they tend to be low-key, but they do exist. Read this book!

2/ Donate (if you can afford it) to funds like @MNFreedomFund (specific to Minnesota) and here in the UK support organisations like @JoinKwanda

3/ If you're financially well-off, you can join angel networks that invest in black businesses such as @Cornerstone_LDN

4/ if you’ve done well in your career, volunteer to mentor young black people on the come up. Share your network and resources. Don’t wait for them to knock on your door, reach out, make yourself accessible! 

5/ if you’re in VC (my industry) then support and volunteer time to initiatives by organisations like @diversityvc and @ThisIsYSYS

6/ finally if you have any sort of platform/audience, then speak on these issues and bring them to light! 👇🏾🙌🏾

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