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Dear white people who witnessed the murder of George Floyd and are now protesting against racism: if you don’t realize that you’re part of it, you’re not helping.

Fighting racism isn’t about fighting "the racists", but recognizing how your privilege makes you support racism.

It’s not you vs. them. It’s not good liberals against means conservatives. White liberals have done huge damage to the lives of POC.

I get that you’re shocked and willing to protest, and it’s ok. But please, stop posing like a good woke guy only when horrible events happen.

It’s not your fault you were born white in a white supremacist world, but it’s your responsibility to do something about it.

If you don’t realize you have racism in you because you were raised in this system, you’re missing the entire point.

Fighting racism is an every day task and it starts by examining yourself on a daily basis. Especially if you think you already "get it". You don’t. You’re a cog in the system and your actions contribute to the system of oppression against POC.

Check your fucking privilege.

We all have to. I have to. I’m not even close to doing it right. Checking your white privilege and acting on it WILL make you uncomfortable. It will change your life. It will make you feel that some things aren’t "fair".

You have no idea what fairness is.

Be genuine. Don’t protest for a day, or go mea culpa on Twitter about your privilege to get likes and claps about being the best ally ever. You don’t get a gold star for doing the right thing.

Stop posing. Start acting. Every fucking day.

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