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Sheree Atcheson
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Your org needs to step up for Black folks right now. Here’s some pointers in thread 🧵- silence isn’t an option. /1

Post about this in company channels - not just Black/race-focused groups. This is relevant for everyone. Talk about systemic racism, sharing links to Black-driven research, making it clear this is a structural issue we all must address /2

2) Create a safe space for folks to share/vent/etc. Violence on Black folks isn’t an anomaly - people are emotionally scared & physically exhausted. Remember that & create a space where if folks want to share/be vulnerable, they can.

3) Signpost mental health support. Talking to colleagues isn’t enough. People need to know what professional mental health support is available to them & how to access it ASAP /4

Ensure managers are giving space to Black folks in particular right now. Time off may be something people need & your org must give it. Managers play a huge role in supporting people with everything happening in society - empathy is key /5

Senior leaders must step up. Especially if they are white / nonBlack. They must actively speak about this, whether they are uncomfortable or not. Their privilege must be used to make a difference in your org. They should also signpost resources / donation links. /6

We’ve done this at Monzo this week . We will continue to do more to push against the structural inequity that exists & make it clear, we all stand side by side with our Black colleagues.

Step up, speak, be present, listen & use your privilege.

If leaders feel uncomfortable, that’s because of privilege to not directly connect w/ this violence & racism. Make it clear this is part of their job & the org NEEDS it (not wants). They have a responsibility to show up for everyone. Them sharing their vulnerability is important.

Make it clear you’re talking about BLACK issues, not “people of colour”. Black folks are being murdered in the streets. This is not the time for digressing or diluting the issue for non-Black comfort. There is no place for this - ever.

Step up in a direct & empathetic way. /9

Finally, remember that 1 post doesn’t fix systemic racism. Invest in anti-racism MANDATORY training. No opt in nonsense. Use data to analyse bias in hiring, promotion, etc processes. Be clear if Black folks are/aren’t progressing & spend time creating an action plan to challenge.

Actually - last point. Make sure you’re not forcing Black folks to engage. This is emotionally/physically exhausting. If they want to, great. If not, great.

There is no onus on them to educate you. Use google etc.

Here’s stats from prev post I did at Monzo on Black inequity.

Sorry about the rubbish numbering. I always forget to add the number when I’m typing 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

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