Is there still debate about why Democratic governors like Cuomo & mayors like DeBlasio won’t send in the National Guard?

What’s the excuse they give?

“Sending in the Guard to restore civic order, why would I do THAT!? It would just make the rioting WORSE!”

Millions of now formerly Democratic voters have woken up watching this spectacle.

They realize it’s their fault. They elected these people to these crucial jobs.

They sent in the clowns, and now the clowns won’t send in the Guard.

They won’t send in the guard because they don’t want order restored.

So why do they insist on giving vandals, anarchists and looters space to destroy?

Prepare yourselves for a shock:

It’s about Trump and the election.

They’re going lock their states down until the election one way or another.

Remember just a month ago how these same Democrats shrieked about mass infections & death in red states that opened back up “far too soon!”

They waxed rhapsodic about the mass death about to descend on places like FL & TX while loudly boasting what a fantastic job they were doing keeping their own blue states locked down tighter than a miser’s wallet.


The red states were doing fine, there was no huge spike in virus infections or death. And these goons knew their own locked down people were seeing that.

What happened next?


They went to beach. They started opening up businesses. They started going to church.

Realizing their plan to keep their states locked down for 5 more months for mail in voting was slipping away...

...these radicals who now make up Progressive Leftist leadership in this country realizes drastic actions were going to be required to keep their citizens locked down.

And if the pandemic no longer provides that excuse, they’ll come up with something else.



Not scared of the pandemic any more?


You see where this is headed, right?

The same governors & mayors....same ones, now, I want you to focus on that...that tells their police to give rioters & looters space to destroy while refusing to send in the national guard...will tell YOU in Nov. you can't go vote in person.


Same people who sent cops to arrest a woman who opened up her salon, who sent cops to shut down churches, grab people running on the beach...after they let rioters run amok in their cities for days will insist YOU stay locked in until the election is over.

A pandemic ceased being effective for this purpose. Trump & this team defeated it. The virus is beaten. It is now clearly below the thresh hold requiring full state lockdowns.

So now it's about using racially-charged riots & anarchist groups to keep the blue states locked down

When these riots in the blue states - which ceased being about George Floyd & what happened to him long ago - subside, the Democrats will just pick a new event, some other black person killed by a white officer in a blue city, and start the cycle up all over again.

So to the people who are asking me "Can they really keep this up for another 5 months?"....are you kidding?

Of course they can.

Or rather...

they'll **try**.

They are about to lose most of their crucial foot soldiers, the on-the-ground organizers, the people who guide & direct these mobs.

56 FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force offices in all 50 states already went to work on this.

MOST of the people out on the streets aren't the organizers, the brains, the behind-the-scenes people who guide and direct the crowds in these riots.

That's why 90% of the people arrested are let go. They don't matter.

What matters is that 10% trying to stay out of sight.

Trump & Barr just TOLD YOU all - and in explicit language to! - they are going after the hidden 10%, the anarchists, the organized groups that work behind the scenes to guide & direct the coordinated mayhem.

If you don't think they're serious about it, it's just for show?

You **probably** also don't think Trump is serious about getting reelected either, so that means your opinion is pretty much worthless.


It's only a question of how many more nights Cuomo & DeBlasio pretend they aren't on the same page, passing a fake buck back and forth between themselves as they try to BAIT President Trump into sending the military into NYC to restore order.

Then they get to call Trump a dictator after order is restored in NYC, things calm down...and all the usual suspects patiently wait for the next racially charged incident they can blow up into a national story & start the rioting cycle all over again.

Likely around mid-July.

But it's not going to work, because in a few weeks after this calms down, when all the usual suspects try to kick-start the same rioting cycle back into gear, all their crucial foot soldiers on the ground who handle the coordination, the communications, the organization....

...all those crucial people they need to make it work won't be there.

They're all going to be in jail.

There is no federal 'no bail' law, and when you are charged with fomenting terrorism the bail will be quite high.

Understand now what it means that Trump & Barr sicced the FBI & other FEDERAL agencies after these anarchist groups?

The usual local mayors, DA's & chiefs of police don't get a say. They don't get to use the revolving door.

They are locked out of the federal system.

The 56 JTTF's have directed & tasked to go after Antifa, track the networks, and then roll it all up.

Chin strokers on your TV pontificating about "domestic" vs "international" means this is all just a useless display by Trump & Barr don't get a say in this.

What do you think is going to happen?

Some TV pundit who opined "domestic terrorism" is a useless designation is going to jump through the TV set & keep an FBI unit from arresting an Antifa organizer?

That's not going to happen.

What is going to happen is all the Antifa & violent Leftist groups that are driving these riots are going to disappear into the federal system.

The Democratic governors & mayors & DA's can whine.

They can cry.

They can bitch and moan and shriek & rend their garments.

They can loudly and tearfully DEMAND that the Feds give them their friends back.

It won't matter.

A leader has spoken.


Without the organizers and the coordinators on the ground, this strategy DOESN'T WORK.

They NEED these Antifa & violent groups working together to launch & sustain these coordinated destruction events.

So when July gets here, and they NEED to launch another rioting cycle to keep their states locked down for another month or two?

They are not going to be able to do it.

This is why you are watching so many chin strokers on your TV nervously saying "He can't DO this!!!"

Oh yes he can.

And he will.

Keep watching.


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