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What if I fucked around and taught all of you to make pro-level paint bombs?


Light bulbs

Sand (its sand.)

Glass Etching Solution (Walmart or Homedepot. 20 bux)

Indoor AND outdoor house paint

Kitchen oil

Paraffin wax

Cotton balls or tissue paper

Put on gloves and wipe down your bulbs w alcohol

You have to start by sawing the glass around the end of your light bulb with a sharp knife until its visibly cut into.

Then you tap it off with a screwdriver

Put the mixed ingredients in the bulb.

Pack with tissue paper.

Seal with paraffin wax.

Leave to dry for a few hours.

Pack carefully.


Why do we want paint on our enemies?

It demoralized them. It impairs their senses. It gums up their gear and makes it hard to use effectively.

It also forces them to remove helmets shields and face masks to continue fighting.

But the most insidious thing is this:

When they go to wipe it the glass etching solution will cause the sand to scratch and etch huge gouges in the surface of Plexiglas. It renders it inoperable.

This causes them to go out of pocket for expensive repairs but also forces them to use sub standard mothball equipment that is dangerous to the user, inconvenient or obsolete.

Maybe all three.

This is something yall can do in an assembly line at home.

Someone wipes
Someone knocks the ends off
Someone fills and plugs
Someone closes
Someone wipes with alcohol thoroughly and looks for stray hairs or other detritus.
Pack em up.

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