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Common discussion in tech meetings:
"XYZ is the correct metric to measure success, but we don’t want teams to just game that metric."
"Let's use these 7 metrics + a survey to measure success."
[we are so smart, yay]

Better solution:
Fire the managers who would game the metrics.

It *is* possible to avoid metrics manipulation in an org.

To do this, senior leaders should:
A. outright reject manipulation as an expected practice
B. understand the business well-enough to detect it
C. fire the unethical managers

It's not easy & it's hard work, but worth it.

This plays out so often within tech companies that it's worth calling out just how RIDICULOUS it is.

Stop condoning the narrative "people will be people, they will game the metrics at the company's expense, for personal gain"

Fact: plenty of people don't want to play this game.

Also found this short piece which nicely describes how this issue plays out within companies: 

This is also decent: 

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