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What is not strategy, a fast-paced thread:

1/ Unbridled optimism is not a strategy.

2/ Vision is not a strategy. Mission is also not a strategy.

3/ “Strategy is for MBAs and I am a street-smart operator” is not a strategy.

4/ A manifesto of becoming the best, the most delightful, or the market-leading product is not a strategy.

5/ A roadmap or a comprehensive project plan is not a strategy.

6/ “We will just build an MVP and iterate based on user feedback” is not a strategy.

7/ A high payoff plan that requires dozens of uncontrolled factors to align perfectly in your favor over a long time period is not a strategy.

8/ An ambitious plan that doesn’t truly comprehend the motivations of customers, partners, and competitors is not a strategy.

9/ An eloquent validation of an executive’s preconceived convictions is not a strategy.

10/ “My industry changes rapidly, cannot predict the future” is not a strategy.

11/ “2021 OKRs and cross-functional plan” are not a strategy.

12/ “Here you go, I have filled out our company’s standard template for strategy” is not a strategy.

14/ A strategy that cannot be translated into organization-wide action is not a strategy.

15/ “Steve Jobs did not write a strategy and his products did just fine” is not a strategy.

What *is* strategy, in this thread for product folks (includes some strategy-related resources):

And last but not least, some fun stuff:


What it feels like when working on a struggling product that doesn’t have a strategy

Confidence is not a strategy (sound on)

Hubris is not a strategy (sound on)

Strategy is vital. Strategy isn’t everything though. Execution is also vital.

Strategy without Execution

Execution without Strategy

Strategy *and* Execution

When you create a go-to-market strategy without a good product strategy

Strategy needs to be grounded in reality and requires cohesive cross-org action

Cohesive cross-org action to make strategy work

How we hope to execute

Our execution hopes, shattered

TFW you realize you’ve entered a Red Ocean market

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