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US police kill 1000 people a year. UK police kill that many in 100 years. Many variables and factors need to be accounted for when policing and PTSD (in both the police and the public) is just one factor that needs to be studied in the context of history racism in the US.

Mental health issues, worsened by alcohol and drug use, abound in both US cops and the public; both sets of populations need to be properly diagnosed and treated and educated on ways to de-escalate conflict, otherwise we will have more Floyds, Garners, Browns, Rices, Castiles…

Ultimately these protests should morph into action that ensures universal healthcare, paid sick leave and guaranteed minimum basic income — will go a long way in reducing daily life stressors and confrontations between an increasingly militarized US police forces and the public.

Yes it’s the culture of guns, drugs, booze but it’s also a culture of imbalance—cops who violate public trust get paid leave, collect cushy pensions if fired, while the public they’re meant to protect can lose healthcare, livelihoods (or their lives) in the blink of an eye.

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