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Hahaha!!!! Hey everyone read this thread carefully, you'll be glad you did.
(1) Q just checkmated a pack a demon clowns attacking Q on 8kun. This is so "technical" related (dealing with computer coding) that after Q smoked them Q comes back with

(2) drop #4438 "Not all posts are meant for Anons". That was very cool (actually very humble) of Q. But let me explain for none coders what happened.
First Q dropped 4436 saying "reconcile" - linking to the Obama Foundation tweet BEFORE Floyds death showing image of Floyd.

(3) Before you knew it all the stupid deep state clown on 8Kun started making up this totally fabricated and unproven claim that the image on the tweet from Obama Foundation is a "dynamic" image (some how!!). Luckily one of my backgrounds is in programming so I

(4) began to research if this was true .... or is this empty claims being made by typical 8Kun trolls. I was wishing (hoping) Q would shut them all up by maybe showing the actual code of the Twitter page. Then BOOOOM! Q drops the nuclear bomb on these clowns. Q posted ...

(5) the following code and a link to an article written by a developer specifically explaining how Twitter generates its images and specifically address whether the images can be "dynamic". Take a close look at the article! Note the highlighted area of pg 3.

(6) LOL! With this link Q just checkmated all those clown attackers on 8kun. See example of one comment below.
They tried to gaslight us into thinking this "dynamic" image argument (with NO proof whatsoever) was settled thus trying to make Q look stupid. Nice try!

(7) So "dynamic" not even possible. A reminder the clowns on 8kun, 8chan and 4chan have done this MANY times in the past. Spinning things, claiming something is (or isn't) fake. They do this in an attempt to discredit Q. FAIL!!
BTW- We saw this tactic twice earlier this week.

(8) ADDENDUM- BY THE WAY folks, the original links that Q posted (so you can see the article from that developer) are now REMOVED. Hmm, trolls moving fast. Luckily an ANON posted the archived page here. 5 STEPS AHEAD!! 

(9) ADDENDUM #2 Now the link Q posted works.
Here it is 
ANOTHER BOMB! This link allows you to check the image card for any URL. Results for  are below! So other link to archived article just ADDITIONAL proof!! Trolls checkmated!!!

To shut up 8kun trolls claiming the image on Obama Foundation Twitter (showing George Floyd image BEFORE he died) was "dynamic" Q posted the code and links of an article that:
1- Disproves this theory AND
2- Gives you a link to Twitter "card validation" page!

(11) UPDATE:
In the interest of Truth I've been digging and considering other people's argument and thus discovered the 'CARD' linked to the site DOES appear now in Oct, April & Feb 2019 so this is not the same as the standard image. The mystery now deepens. Q said "Reconcile"

I'll (let's) step back and consider all possibilities. Logical thinking.... 🤔 Is Q pointing us to something else? Or are we still over the target? Why no tweets reflecting the card from Oct - May 17, 2020?? Twitter trick??

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