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On Twitter, I end up posting about half of what I write.

The other half has 2 parts:
A. just terrible content no one should have to read
B. too spicy for Twitter (but good content, IMO)

Now, you know I don't mince words on Twitter, but B. is ghost pepper spicy.

❓&📊 below.

People have asked me about substack/newsletters in the past & I haven't paid as much attention.

Reasons: Limited time, Distribution is my main priority, Personal brand/Monetization are not priorities for me,...

But I recently had an idea & I would like to gauge interest level.

It looks like this:
Keep posting on Twitter (and LinkedIn)
Start a substack for the spicy content
Create high friction to sign up
Friction = $200/yr
Why add friction?
Spicy content will only appeal to super-fans
So fewer subscribers is good
Those who subscribe will value it more

Would figure out ways to waive the $ cost (& instead add non-monetary friction) for those in financial hardship, say job loss.

Would donate the newsletter revenue to charities because income is not a priority.

Only priority would be to get this content to super-fans.

Example: this morning, I wrote a thread on a non-conformist approach to negotiating job offers for senior level roles (Director / Head of / VP / GM).

Decided I am not going to post it on Twitter because it wouldn't help 98% of the folks who'd read it (and could even be harmful).

Here's another example of the type of content I'd share in the newsletter. (I agree, this is really weird stuff, though also quite important IMO)

Last example (this, but spicier & weirder, including the tweets left on the cutting-room floor):

Alright. So I'm trying to gauge the degree of potential interest in such a newsletter.

To be clear, if 1000+ people would sign up for it, it's probably too much. Something in the low hundreds would be ideal. Anything lower would not be worthwhile.

You'll find the poll below.

Would you sign up and regularly read such a newsletter, including overcoming the friction I talked about in Tweet #3 above?

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