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As Yugoslavia is trending again lets take a few moments to re visit this amazing country - the Federal People's Republic of Fun! #MondayMotivation

#Yugoslavia was very much the sophisticated side of socialism: more G-plan than five year plan...

...although rural Yugoslavia was, er, pretty rural.

Yugoslav architecture tended towards the Brutalist...

...but really Yugoslavia was just like Western Europe: consumerist and cosmopolitan.

The best way to get around Yugoslavia was by hatchback - if you could get the pretty ladies off the bonnet that is!

And being a socialist republic Yugoslavia was firmly behind equal opportunities.

Food in the Federal Republic could be, erm, interesting...

...but it was always washed down with lashings of Cockta: the people's fizzy pop!

Yugoslav fashion followed Western trends...

...whilst it's music was an eclectic mix of pop, punk and easy listening.

And if there's one thing Yugoslavs loved above all it was home entertainment: they were gadget mad!!

Yugoslavia was certainly at the forefront of the home computer boom...

... and its home-produced micro, the Galaksija, was a 4kb marvel: easy to build and fun to use.

You see, Yugoslavia was just like the rest of Europe: same hobbies, same passions, same people...

...and as we all know popular culture knows no boundaries. Especially when it comes with a super kolor poster!

And so we say a fond farewell to Yugoslavia: fun, frolicks and just a hint of collective planning!

More pulp trips another time...

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