Shreyas Doshi+ Your Authors @shreyas early PM & first PM lead @stripe. formerly a PM lead @twitter @google @yahoo. I share offbeat ideas here—useful for some, useless for many, not for everyone ❤️ Jun. 10, 2020 1 min read + Your Authors

A universal aspect of Product Management that people don't expect is just how lonely it feels to be a PM.

You could be working with a team of 100 people, be in 10 meetings a day, and yet often feel super-lonely because no one else shares your struggles or truly understands them.

Possible solutions:
-I've seen peer groups work
-Having a true friend at work can help
-PM Experience Sharing forums might help, but my sample size is tiny
-PMs should emulate Designers here. Designers do a great job with feedback & community-building, even across different teams

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