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Time for another pulp countdown, and today it's my top 10 colognes of the 1970s! #ThursdayThoughts

"It's a bit early for coffee. I'll have a scotch..."

At #10: Jaguar! Sixty per cent of the time it works... all of the time!

At #9: Pub! The great smell of Wetherspoons, now in a bottle.

At #8: Bacchus! "Do you like gladiator movies?"

At #7: Teak. The aroma of Volvo meets the manly smell of a pipe.

At #6: Macho! I'm not sure where that's going...

At #5: Jovan Sex Appeal! The power of Crom can be yours... for a price.

At #4: Mandom. The alluring aroma of Charles Bronson.

At #3: Old Spice Musk! Do not inhale or use on metal surfaces.

At #2: Brut! "Call me Snake."

And at #1... well there can only be one winner: Hai Karate! Be careful how you use it

More pulp countdowns another time. You stay classy...

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