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Blog post from Zoom on China-related censorship:

A. China told Zoom about 4 large Tiananmen meetings being publicized, demanded the meetings be terminated
B. Zoom did not give any data access, has no backdoors allowing access without being visible


C. Zoom was able to confirm that mainland China users were in some of the meetings China wanted shut down. China demanded action from Zoom, said such meetings were illegal in China, and also wanted host accounts terminated


D. Zoom can't remove certain individuals from meetings or block users from certain meetings. So, Zoom decided to shut down 3 of the 4 meetings complained abotu and "terminated" host accounts associated with the 3 meetings ((seems to be Lee Cheuk-yan, Wang Dan, Zhou Fengsuo)


E. Zoom, on blocking access based on geography: "We could have anticipated this need." Says working on enabling its ability to remove or block participants based on geography to comply with requests from local governments when they determine certain activity is illegal.


F. Zoom will not allow requests from Chinese govt "impact anyone outside of mainland China."
G. Zoom will outline updates to its global policy to better respond to similar requests as those made by China regarding the Tiananmen anniversary meetings.

In short, Zoom is taking steps to limit access for users from countries that demand action for meetings that the governments deem illegal. It says it doesn't have backdoor access or grant such access to anyone to secretly go into meetings and does not share user data.

Some questions that may arise:

A. Is Zoom going to be self-monitoring and pre-emptively blocking access for certain users for certain meetings? (Some govts may put that burden on service providers by law)
B. If Zoom has to self-monitor, how will it do so?

C. Will Zoom's steps be enough for the Chinese regulators to continue allowing the mainland access to Zoom?

But in terms of actions and outcomes, it boils down to this:

1. China demanded 4 Tiananmen meetings on Zoom be shut and host accounts terminated because they were illegal in China
2. Zoom shut down 3 of the meetings and terminated the host accounts for those meetings

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