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Sorry to break the good vibes, but here's a statement.

To summarize, Isabel Rae McKenzie has, in the past 24 hours:

- doxed one of our editors
- encouraged people to follow an account that was trying to hack him
- is paying people to stalk him
- is trying to deplatform us

All we did was make one joke about her.

Bryden made a bunch of sub-Tweets about her. She kept blocking/unblocking him to interact with him, and also kept screenshotting his comments.

She could have ignored him entirely since he was not interacting with her. She chose otherwise.

Was the joke we made in bad taste? Yeah, I'll concede that.

Are we "harassing" McKenzie? Absolutely not, since no one at Terror House was interacting with her or encouraging others to do so.

Doxing, hacking, stalking, deplatforming? THAT'S harassment.

Terror House has not encouraged anyone to interact with or deplatform McKenzie, even though she is not only breaking Twitter TOS by doxing people and promoting hacking, she's arguably engaging in tortious interference with her harassment campaign against us.

We're not expecting anyone to get involved, but these are the facts. Sub-Tweeting someone is not "harassment." Neither are rude jokes. Doxing, hacking, et al are.

McKenzie is a spoiled rich cry-bully desperate for attention. We're not giving it to her.

End statement.

Oh, and one final note about the pic of Bryden throwing a Roman salute:

1. That was a joke. He's a comedian. He does things that will make people laugh. Comedy is subjective.
2. That pic is from 2017 (i.e. a year before Terror House was founded).

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