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Follow the World Health Organization's instructions to reduce your risk of infection:

1/ Frequently clean hands by using alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

2/ When coughing and sneezing cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue - throw issue away immediately and wash hands.

3/ Avoid close contact with anyone that has fever and cough.

Andy Slavitt @ 🏡+ Your Authors @ASlavitt Ex-Obama health care head. Helper. Host podcast #IntheBubble. Listen: Founded @usofcare & @townhallvntrs. Insta: @andyslavitt. Jun. 19, 2020 4 min read + Your Authors

COVID Update June 18: Even as surges start to hit the South and West, all states must prepare for what’s next.

With only 5-7% of the public infected, we can’t be left as unprepared as Trump would have it. 1/

It almost entirely goes without saying that states are on their own here. Trump has gone from “hoax” in February to “its dying out” in June.

It was malpractice to leave us unprepared once. It is almost a war crime to do it twice. 2/

With preparation, we could have contained the virus, communicated more clearly with the public, prepared our hospitals, kept our nursing homes safe, and prevented loss of life.

Let’s do it this time. 3/

Fighting the virus is a job some are doing well & some are not. But we have fought this fight with no tools, no preparation, limited coordination & meager federal support.

No excuse to let that happen a second time. 4/

Several weeks ago a team at @USofCare gathered experts & began working on a comprehensive guide for each state based on the best practices being used, what was working, what people described as their biggest needs.5/

The result is a state preparedness handbook on what should get done now even as cases continue to roll through the country.

We must be able to do 2 things at once. 6/ 

People want to know what’s next after “flattening the curve”— our only option so far.

But this resulted in racial injustice, age injustice & a large burden on those forced to work & care for us while Americans were left in the dark on how to protect their families. 7/

As we #opensafely @USofCare recommends states take 5 actions that taken now will preserve both our nation’s physical well-being & economic success.

They also give us a model to heal long-standing wounds & prepare us to recover. 8/

Action 1 revolves around listening to the needs of different communities now. 9/

conducted research into people’s needs & found a surprising level of shared values. People want 4 things. (Research on our needs attached.) 10/ 

Action 2 focuses on the use of data signals & make quick decisions. Those who acted fast, as San Francisco did, were able to save numerous lives. 11/

There are 4 recommendations:
-Establish clear decision making
-Implement an early warning system ⚠️ w benchmarks for action
-Use containment tools
-Share clear, timely information w the public. 12/

Action 3 is to protect people & places with the highest risk with 5 specific recommendations.
-Address disparities & system inequities
-Protect high transmission sites like LT care facilities & jails/prisons
-K-12 planning
-Isolation resources
-Essential workforxe safety 13/

Action 4 is to build health system capacity
-Stockpile PPE
-Strengthen mental health resources
-Optimize non-COVID cafe & minimize targeted elective delays
-Prepare for flu/COVID 14/

Action 5 is to seek collaborative approaches. Much more is available today to help.
-Telemedicine, remote monitoring
-Testing, contact tracing
-State alignment
-Digital & syndromic tools
-VA, CHCs, NPOs, food banks 15/

There are links, resources, case studies, and contact points.

There are also resources here. 16/ 

The states that have done the best are not necessarily just the ones who prevented loss. Sometimes the virus is in control of where it goes.

States who leveled with the public, shared data, admitted challenges, planned, sought help & deployed clear guidelines stood out. 17/

-Illinois, NJ, Utah, Oregon have been deliberate about opening & pulling back as needed
-NY & Missouri track data regionally
-Oregon is mapping cases
-NY & FL deployed mental health capacity to frontline workers
-WI deployed effective color coded alerts & a dashboard 18/

-MN provided grants to those who can reach marginalized communities
-Some states like CO & OH have begun reporting of cases by race, ethnicity, residence, zip code & gender (should be all)
-IL took measures to focus on communities of color
-MD created a LTC task force 19/

-Ohio counties began early inmate release & waives pre-trial detention
-CA, WA, and IL created isolation/quarantine solutions
-Several states like CA have required masks to cut infection spread
-NE states created buying collation for PPE & NC repurposed manufacturing 20/

States stepping up to protect & prepare are both red & blue.

They decidedly aren’t letting politics get in the way & they sometimes face an impatient & upset public with calm & clarity. 21/

Many states like MI, MA, LA, CT, NJ, IL, MD, and NY have fought back against incredible challenges with little preparation.

The lessons they’ve learned are valuable to all of us & are captured for those who May soon face what they have. 22/

What does it mean to be in this together— through hardship, through loss & supporting one another. I asked @JasonKander to help answer this. Listen here if you like. 23/ 

Pulling together & uniting to fight the virus gives us the best chance to save lives & show what kind of country we are.

Leadership can & must come from anywhere now. /end

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