My book doesn't come out until later in the summer, but I'm going to tell you now one thing that you'll find in it: all of the reporting indicates that Barr is involved in the dubious funding of the Trump 2020 campaign by foreign sources. This is all a lot worse than you realize.

1/ There's a reason that Barr issued an edict forbidding every type of federal investigation that could uncover wrongdoing in the Trump reelection campaign—particularly campaign finance issues—and then opened his door to any evidence that Giuliani might offer him about Joe Biden.

2/ William Barr is a conspirator—alongside his longtime associates Rudy Giuliani, Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova—in facilitating foreign aid to Trump's campaign. There's a reason for all of the actions he has taken. There's a reason he's lying about Bolton's accurate account.

3/ The evidence is overwhelming—and I've compiled it. Nearly all those who want to illegally aid Trump's campaign have cases Barr can move. Firtash has an extradition case. Kolomoisky has one. Erdogan wants the Halkbank case over. China, ZTE. Barr's fingers are in *all* the pies.

4/ Bolton accurately described his expressions of concern to Barr about precisely these cases and Trump's efforts to impact them. At the time Barr said he agreed, now he's lying and saying that those conversations never happened. Why? Because ultimately they will implicate *him*.

5/ Everyone involved in the money laundering/illegal solicitation of foreign election aid Trump's campaign has been involved in has been clear that Barr is on the team and will play ball as to his piece in all this. Now we know why he perjured himself under questioning by Kamala.

6/ For all that people talk about Barr needing to resign and acting "inappropriately," there is *shockingly* little discussion about the fully-sourced information indicating that he is *actively involved* in the *criminal activities* Trump and his crew are being investigated for.

7/ As an attorney, I understand the reluctance to believe someone who's sworn to uphold the rule of law would be a criminal—it's much easier for us to say that Trump is the likely criminal and that Barr is "only" bending the rules to aid him. I'm afraid it's much worse than that.

8/ For the moment—as it takes a book to lay out all the evidence—I'll say this: if you see Barr's deeds through the lens of him being an *active co-conspirator* in the crimes prosecutors are investigating, you're going to have a *much* easier time understanding what's happening.

9/ I wish you all understood that I'm the sort of guy who doesn't believe in fantastical events. I'm an Occam's Razor guy. But once in a generation, a case comes along in which all the things you think would never actually happen in real life somehow do.

This is that situation.

10/ Right now you shouldn't consider there to be significant daylight between Roger Stone running DOJ or Bill Barr running DOJ. The only difference is that the latter—as an attorney—knows far better than the "dirty trickster" Stone how to make the outcome you want *appear* legal.

PS/ I understand the impatience for Proof of Corruption to come out. Please know that the book is being "crashed"—publishing parlance—as quickly as a book can be crashed. But the book in its *entirety* is nearly 1,000 pages—and it has 5,000 citations. I can't repeat it in tweets.

PS2/ But if you sense real anxiety in my tweeting, understand that it's *not* because I'm just some average dude who doesn't like the look of what he's seeing on his TV. No—I researched and wrote a 1,000-page book on this subject and *know* what's going on and it's terrifying me.

PS3/ Here's the very simplest way to understand it: Berman's SDNY is investigating a man who says Barr is a co-conspirator with Trump and Giuliani in laundering foreign money for the 2020 election. SDNY has the power to cut a deal with this man. Now Barr is trying to fire Berman.

PS4/ If you knew *nothing else* beyond what I just said, you'd see that even the fact that Barr is willing to fire Berman means Barr is willing to create the appearance that he's trying to scuttle a probe that incriminates him. How desperate must Barr be to allow that appearance?

PS5/ If Barr had no fear that what Parnas has said about the "BLT Prime Team"—the team of conspirators Barr acted as an adjunct to—is true, he'd stay *as far as he possibly could* from any machinations involving SDNY. Instead he's frantically trying to get SDNY under his control.

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