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You know what I haven't done for a while? Baen book covers! Let's remedy that now... #SundayFunday

The Chicks Ahoy Omnibus, edited by Esther Friesner (2010). Art by Clyde Caldwell.

Poor trigger discipline there: she'll have someone's eye out...

Soldiers, by John Dalmas. Baen Books, 2003.

You don't know man, you weren't there...

When The Bough Breaks, by Mercedes Lackey & Holly Lisle (1993). Art by Larry Elmore.

Not sure about his miniskirt...

"Readers should applaud this one."

Rogue Berserker, by Fred Saberhagen. Baen Books, 2005.

Operation Chaos, by Poul Anderson (1992). Art by Larry Elmore.

I doubt the cat is that much help.

Winning Colors, by Elizabeth Moon (1995). Art by David Mattingly.

That font! That kerning! Oh the humanity...

The Bourne idiocy...

The Chrome Borne, by Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon. Baen Books, 1999.

Dykstra's War, by Jeffery D. Kooistra. Baen Books, 2000. Art by Patrick Turner.

That is a lot of war on one book cover.

Virgin Planet & Star Ways, by Poul Anderson. Baen Books, 2000. Art by Clyde Caldwell.

Some chicken...

Habeas Corpses, by Wm. Mark Simmons. Baen Books, 2007. Art by Clyde Caldwell.

The Hub: Dangerous Territory, by James H. Schmitz. Baen Books, 2001. Cover by Bob Eggleton

The Eagle & The Nightingales, by Mercedes Lackey. Baen Books, 1995. Art by Darrell K Sweet.

Do eagles eat carrion? I hope not!

Forward The Mage, by Eric Flint & Richard Roach. Baen Books, 2002 art by Larry Elmore.

"Are you quite sure you're a hobbit?"

Born To Run, by Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon. Baen Books, 1992. Art by Larry Elmore.

Hot cars, fast elves and #RockAndRoll...

The Faery Convention, by Brett Davis. Baen Books, 1995. Cover art by Larry Elmore.

Cosplay can go too far you know...

That's it for my look back at Baen Books today. Always a guilty pleasure...

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