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i don't think i've mentioned this, but i was diagnosed with ADHD this year. this was a complete surprise, the possibility had never even entered my mind. i thought the therapist was joking, so i laughed along heartily, "ha ha!" ☺️

... a surprise to *me*, i should say. most of the people close to me went more like this:

"ADHD?" *pause*
Yep, guess that fits. Actually.. Oh, WOW. Yeeeaaahhhhhhh."

I guess I always attributed a lot of it to my being homeschooled, so I never learned to break my day up into 60 minute chunks, work by the clock, handle interruptions, focus on boring stuff etc.

I have two modes, on and off; deep hyperfocus or bored and dozing off.

being ceo was perilously close to torture, because you're never supposed to work on anything for more than an hour or two, really

it takes me hours to sink IN to a problem. and once i'm there, i do not want to break focus until i am _done_. even if it takes days.

because i know how hard it was to find that place, and i may never find my way back if i break off for a nap or diner. it's like all my good work happens in Narnia.

anyway ... i have been very intentionally _not_ reading anything about other people's experiences of ADHD, because i wanted to spend some time *not knowing* and paying close attention to myself, things about how i work that seem far from the norm.

early career was brutal for me, but i developed a robust set of coping skills that made hyperfocus into an advantage for me

.... as an engineer.

maybe the last 4 years have been so rough in part because those skills do not translate, esp to roles with loads of interruptions. 😑

anyway. i'm interested in reading or hearing about others' experiences if you know of any that seem uncannily alike or possibly useful, so please don't hesitate to drop em my way.

oh and uh. my apologies to those of you i was late meeting up with, or got lost on my way to, and especially all of the conference organizers i stressed out these past years.

i wasn't trying to be a dick, i was just lost and late A LOT. working hard on new skills over here 🥃🙏

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