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THREADETTE: Folks: We do NOT know that this is from 1/4/17. In fact, DOJ said they don't know the date but believe it was around January 3 - January 5. 1/

2/ Here's what DOJ said. 

3/ And I'd wager these Strzok notes were of what Comey or McCabe told Strzok about the Jan. 5. oval office meeting! Think about it: Have we ever heard of Strzok being in person with Obama, Biden, Yates, etc.? Very unlikely he would be. BUT likely Comey or McCabe called

4/ Strzok and told of Jan. 5 oval office meeting and to NOT close Flynn investigation. THIS IS HUGE b/c it tells what "really" happened. And it wasn't "by the book" it was "the right people."

5/ And it wasn't concern that Flynn was passing on CI to Russia, but nothing wrong with calls. And Obama and Biden were in on it. So now read this: 


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