Karla Monterroso #BlackLivesMatter+ Your Authors @karlitaliliana CEO @CODE2040, Board Chair for @1Deg, @USC alum - Connected, passionate, heart-driven, wanderlust, change maker. #WiseLatina 🇬🇹🇲🇽 PN: she/her/ella Jun. 25, 2020 2 min read + Your Authors

This could be said about every high wage job in America. That people of color, especially Black folks, can be as pedigreed as possible and STILL be excluded is not a skill problem. That folks wouldn’t even consider these programs without folks having that kinda pedigree is wild.

High wage work in America is segregated. And we could choose to integrate it, but we don’t every day. And the folks who actually make it in have to survive hazing and suspicion and doubt of their skill. We are not given the benefit of the doubt. And the doubts are plentiful.

When we shifted @Code2040’s strategy to require change on the front end of a companies commitment, this is why. Because “diversity programs” “workforce development programs” have operated as creators of new model minorities.

That companies will hire white folks, entry level Asian folks, and Black and Latinx Code2040 folks is MESSED UP. And really you could substitute @Code2040 with the many other programs that fit this bill.

We must make the demands that force high wage work to integrate, we must create the consequences that build accountability for their lack of integration, we must create new incentive structures to get folks to do this. We must inspect how we set who gets high wage vs low wage.

And the wild part about the demographic shift of the country is that it means we WILL NOT have the luxury of not fixing this problem. Not if we want a just society.

The common response in EVERY industry is to say we are not educated enough, skilled enough, trained enough in “soft skills. And none of the college degree data of that bares out for education.

And 4 years as the orgs VP of Program finished convincing me the other two were conveniently used as a way to keep people out.

Not skilled enough? What are the skills? “Jargon term” well how does this person not demonstrate “match jargon term with meaning of jargon term” “uh, uh, uh” ::jargon term usually scares folks off, other person sweats::

“Well it’s just that your people need to ask more questions, they come off as not coachable” “cool, will give that feedback and let’s try again” “actually, the problem is they ask too many questions, it sounds like they don’t know what they are doing.”

“Well they aren’t a values match” “which value?” “Generally, they don’t fit”

You will FIND ways to keep folks out if you want to. Your people will FIND ways. And we will find miraculously creative ways to make it sound not racist.

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