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TODAY: Trump is doing something about the pandemic.

Today he’s filing a brief in the Supreme Court to end the ACA & take health care coverage away from 20 million people.

How confident is everyone in their employer based insurance?

If Trump is successful, besides poverty, that’s all you’d have if Trump gets his way.

How confident are you in your insurance company to cover pre-existing conditions?

If Trump has his way, it’s up to them.

How confident are you that you won’t have a pre-existing condition after the pandemic? Or that your tests, treatment, and vaccines will be paid for?

If Trump has his way, coverage won’t be required.

How confident are seniors in drug companies to reduce their prices so your medicine is affordable?

If Trump has his way, the “donut hole” savings goes away.

How much do you think the top 0.1% should get a $198,000/year tax cut right now.

If Trump has his way, coverage cuts will also mean high income tax cuts.

How comfortable are you with worsening the health disparities for black & brown Americans?

If Trump has his way that’s exactly what happens.

How comfortable are you that Trump aims to end free preventive services (including vaccines) & allow the imposition of lifetime policy limits & the ability to retroactively end your policy.

If Trump has his way, that’s what happens.

Is now the time to end requirements that insurance companies cover kids until age 26?

If Trump has his way that’s what happens.

Are you OK with Trump ending small business tax credits to cover workers?

If Trump has his way, that’s what happens.

Is now a good time to double the amount of uncompensated care to doctors & hospitals?

If Trump has his way, that’s what happens.

Following are some of the groups that have filed motions in opposition. Every care provider, public health expert, civil rights group, patient protection group & more.


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