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Hi Greta, I listened to your podcast :)

Unfortunately, you didn't correct your false claims & even made new ones

Also, did a South Dakota police officer really ask you & your dad "if we’ve got large amounts of American dollars, weapons, or dead bodies in the car"?


"In S. Dakota, we are stopped by a policeman. He looks like a caricature from a movie with mirrored shades, cowboy hat. He asks where we are going. I say Santiago. Then he asks if we’ve got any large amounts of American dollars, weapons, or dead bodies in the car. We answer no."

Did that really happen?

I'm sorry to sound so skeptical, but I find it bizarre that a South Dakota police officer, caricature or not, would ask you and your dad, @Svante_Thunberg , if you had dead bodies in your car

You make that claim around 19:41 in the podcast

You also claim that we have just 7.5 years to prevent climate apocalypse. "Yes, you heard it right. Less than seven and a half years. Do you remember the... first Hunger Games movie? Those things all happened about 7 or 8 years ago. That’s the amount of time we’re talking about."

Can you please share whatever science upon which you are basing that claim?

You are looked up to by a lot of schoolchildren, and many are frightened that the world is coming to an end

Anxiety & depression are rising and 1 of 5 UK kids say they suffer climate nightmares

You say, "The issue of nuclear power is, for instance, still allowed to dominate the entire climate debate even though science has concluded that it can at best only be a very risky, expensive, and a small part of a much larger holistic solution."

What's that based upon?

In fact, the best-available science shows

- nuclear is the safest way to make reliable electricity

- nuclear has saved ~2M lives by preventing deadly air pollution

- nuclear-heavy French electricity produces 10x less CO2 & is nearly half as expensive as renewables-heavy German

You claim about Sweden, "Half of our emissions don’t exist on paper.... We have simply moved our factories to different parts of the world and a significant portion of our emissions overseas."

Can you please share the evidence supporting the claim, "half of our emissions"?

You claim, "The climate and ecological crisis cannot be solved within today’s economic & political systems," but those "systems" are reducing carbon emissions in developed economies — since the 1970s in Germany, UK, & France! — & land used for ag.

I'm sorry that you continue to make claims unsubstantiated by the science and am rather surprised @BBCWorld and other journalists haven't bothered checking them

Happily, that will soon change:


And would you please provide more info about being asked about having dead bodies in your car by a South Dakota police officer? It's such a disturbing story. Perhaps you were just joking? If not, please do offer more context so we can get to the bottom of it.



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