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3 days ago: @CMO_England said he wd be surprised & delighted’ if UK not in same place next spring. @IndependentSage y’day explained what this means: that govt policy is to let 10s of 1000s of people die. Madness that @Keir_Starmer isn’t interrogating this

Read this by @Rob_Merrick. If Whitty is correct, 30,000 people die. BEFORE impact of opening pubs etc factored in. It’s based on figures from a few weeks ago. Do you get this? Does @Keir_Starmer? We’re back in March. Making more colossally bad decisions 

The same people jumping up & down in mid-March doing so now. Same people not listening. Same press not getting the consequences. Same Labour Party being cowardly & supine. Same outcome. We are condemning people to death

None of this is inevitable. We have decided to be the US. We could be Scotland. Why are we not following an elimination strategy?? Why on earth @Keir_Starmer are you not asking this? It’s not just abhorrently unethical, it’s going to crash the economy too

And this is before impact of July ‘Independence Day’ - a can of petrol onto an already a raging fire. We currently face situation of 10s of 10000s of deaths. But relaxing multiple guidelines at once - on a summer Saturday! - is a dangerous accelerant.

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