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Or we could eliminate the role of a single executive, and move to committee (as founders had originally considered) so decision-making is shared and not left up to one authoritarian figure. (They got exhausted and settled on executive who seeks Senate's "advice and consent").

2. “The modern presidency bears only a passing resemblance to what the Founding Fathers intended it to be. Far from being the government’s all-powerful central authority, there was debate at the constitutional convention as to whether there should be only one executive at all.”

3. Benjamin Franklin felt very strongly that it should be a plural executive, perhaps three people.
They decided on one executive, but then the next issue was, if there was one executive, he has to have an executive council, to kind of spread out the power.” Mistakes were made.

4. “They didn’t worry about it too much because, for most of the convention, many of the powers that we associate with the president were given to the Senate. The president didn’t have that much power for most of the convention.” That “system” got systematically compromised.

But Americans love the myth of the all-powerful, all-knowing, god-like central leader figure, so we are stuck with the office of POTUS and the state of perpetual polarization it creates.

This political model got replicated in our business models too—now many Americans find consensus building hard because they are so used to having a “president” at their company make key decisions. But we’re also seeing people starting to question such centralized authority.

As more businesses “empower” their employees to think and act independently, we will see a big political earthquake that scrambles how government at all levels is structured — this is already happening at local levels in many places, and will work its way up to the federal tier.

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