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Please stop reading White Fragility.

Stop recommending it.

Stop sharing it.

Read Killing the Black Body or Fatal Invention by @DorothyERoberts

Read Racecraft by Barbara and Karen Fields

Read Medical Apartheid by @haw95

Read The Warmth of Other Suns by @Isabelwilkerson

Read Sister Citizen by @MHarrisPerry

Read The Pushout by @MoniqueWMorris

White Fragility caters to readers who want controlled self-flagellation for their complicity and participation in systems that deeply harm folks of color and Black folks in particular.

The intersecting forms of violence that shorten Black lives do not come from a social, economic, or political position of “fragility.”

It comes from the forces outlined in these books.

Then Read “This Bridge Called My Back” to understand why I shouldn’t even have to say this.

And to the folks of color and Black Women in particular who are being asked to be everything for everyone right now. To work, teach, support and show up (often for free) everywhere. I see you. I love you.

If you can, read The Bridge Poem by Kate Rushin


To be clear, I am suggesting these books because they provide actual analysis. The authors situate that analysis within ideological traditions they clearly name. And they explicitly interrogate the intersecting forms of oppression that power institutional racism. This is the bar.

If your favorite text on racism is not doing these things, it is insufficient to prepare you to confront and abolish racism and its many ill effects.

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