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You look at it every day. 🙃 The best engineers I have ever worked with have two screens open at all times: their IDE and production.

Because you're right: you won't know if it's weird if you don't know what normal looks like.

If you're shipping code every day, you should be looking at it every day too.

That's how you develop a sixth sense for operational issues. Build, ship, look, and follow your curiosity when it tickles you. There's no other way.

True observability tools (not "three pillars" tools) help by rewarding curiosity swiftly. They let you pinpoint which requests are failing and what they have in common, methodically and scientifically, without having to guess the answer upfront or translate into lowlevel systems.

This is why I argue for reducing and automating the time til code goes live -- so this becomes muscle memory.

You JUST wrote it. You know what you want it to do. You know how you implemented it. Now is when you have the best shot at unpacking any subtle "weird" changes.

Because when it comes to one complex system (you) deciphering another complex system (your code, in production): ✨weird is irreducible✨


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