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A [THREAD] on the latest capture from smuggling to the #Houthis, from a Dhow off Mocha, #Yemen, by the Saudis.

There is a lot of interesting kit, but here's the boat[s].


Let's start with one "sniper plus spotter" kit- an Iranian AM-50 Sayyad 12.7x99mm AMR, with 2 Iranian Rayan Roshd RU120G thermals, & RU100LH thermal binos for observation. Note the ComBloc side rail mount for one optic, likely for the spotter.

Houthis have often used these.


This wasn't all- hundreds of Chinese Type 56-1 AKs, Iranian PKM-T80, more AM-50 and AK magazines. Oh, and lots of DSHkM/Type 54 and Type 85 heavy machine guns...


I mean lots, you can also see the 100+? PKM-T80, alongside the heavy machine guns, which are separated into barrels and recievers.


It also appears that 9M133-1 T.B. (Thermobaric) missiles for the the Kornet ATGM system were captured, quantities are unknown but this is rather typical. These are quite capable. 2nd pic is plenty more AM-50 AMR.


Here's the really interesting part, at least for me- also recovered was at least several "RPG-29" looking tubes, along with optics, a bore sighter, grip unit etc.

But they're different- note that they don't appear to have the ability to disassemble like the normal RPG-29...


This is 'cos they appear to me to be a version of the RPG-29 developed with a lesser exterior fit/finish & w/ various cost saving features, to be supplied to Iranian client forces. See these 2 v similar examples in Iraq in 2018.

I propose the designation RPG-29C, for "Cheap"


Also captured were optics, IED triggers?, and apparent Walther Air Rifles (Yes, I don't know precisely why), and various other kit.

Overall extremely interesting look at (claimed) Iranian arms supplies to the Houthis that aligns with UN Reports.


I'd also be interested at a close look at the Type 85/Type 54 and Type 56-1 underfolders. I deeply suspect they aren't old stock, and that the Chinese are totally aware of where they are doing. #Proliferation


Possible Saudis combined multiple captures into 1 press event, but still really informational.

cc @MENA_Conflict @MatthewHenman_ @MSchroeder77 @AbraxasSpa @oryxspioenkop @Rebel44CZ

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