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Shreyas Doshi+ Your Authors @shreyas early PM & first PM lead @stripe. formerly a PM lead @twitter @google @yahoo. I share offbeat ideas here—useful for some, useless for many, not for everyone ❤️ Jun. 30, 2020 3 min read + Your Authors

A meta-thread of the top N threads I've written, based subjectively on these factors (most important first):

(a) how enjoyable it was to write
(b) my estimate of its unique impact
(c) reader feedback

Will start with the top 10.


Organizations are predisposed to creating & solving problems rather than preventing them in the first place. This is the Preventable Problem Paradox. Feels even more real in this post-COVID world.

Bonus: a teardown of an epic movie scene (Superman II)

This is my version of “things I wish I had understood earlier in life”. Tried to make these ideas as concise as I could. Glad I was able to fit them in 1 tweet. Life can be hard at times & these ideas have given me much greater peace of mind & clarity.

I’ve been very ambitious since childhood & have spent the bulk of my life chasing success, as conventionally defined by modern society. Only in my late 30s was I able to question conventional success & create a different success heuristic for myself.

This thread was inspired by this line from the book Principles: “in most companies people are doing two jobs: their actual job and the job of managing others’ impressions of how they’re doing their job.”

Felt pretty good after I wrote this thread.

I was too lazy to write a whole book on the craft of Product Management, so I wrote this thread instead 😀

I was too lazy to write a thread or a blog post on what ails most companies, so I wrote this tweet instead 😀

Understand the “X for Y delusion” & build the ability to spot it within your company.

High agency, an essential mindset for consistent success as a leader

A story that plays out in so many companies creating B2B software. Introduces the Focusing Illusion as applicable to the business world, describes why many B2B products shouldn’t have been built at all, the PM's role, & the Customer Problems Stack Rank

A thread about the hilarity of corporate life.

Introduces Apple Pie Positions—statements that influence group decisions about what, how, & why to do something, which are often misguided, but are also hard for any single individual to argue against.

A thread describing the archetypes of executives & sr leaders who look good on paper, are successful in your company’s interview process, get hired with fanfare, but ultimately fail on the job. Also includes tips on how to spot them before hiring them

Alright, continuing to add a few more of my favorites beyond these top 10.

The Firehorse Effect: why competent leaders fail so often in new roles.

Experts, Naturals, and Hybrids: if you're having recurring conflicts with an otherwise-competent manager or direct report or colleague, chances are that the Natural vs. Expert style is playing a non-trivial role in this conflict.

Why it's so hard to build successful consumer products.

The assumptions to start with, when building a new B2B product. Includes questions & reminders that will help reduce the chances of failure.

For highly talented people, clarity on what 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 matters for you between Title, Money, Scope can save you considerable heartache. A lack of this clarity early on in my career cost me plenty of $'s.

My recipe for cultivating wisdom at a faster pace.

A thread on conducting Pre-mortems, the most effective antidote to the Preventable Problem Paradox. Run Pre-mortems so you don't have to deal with ugly Post-mortems.

Includes "Tigers", "Paper Tigers", & "Elephants", and a detailed Pre-mortem process.

The path to a fulfilling life & career is simple, but not easy.

My tips on how to make the most out of books.

Alright, I'll stop here with the top threads I've written in this first half of 2020. While 2020 hasn't been all that great at a macro scale, the quarantine has given me the time to sit down & write these things. It's been fun. Thank you for your feedback, questions, & support 🙏🏾

To get back to the first tweet in this thread ⬇️


Below, I've linked to a meta-thread dedicated to the Product Management content I've posted over the past 6 months

This thread has 4 sections:
1. The PM Role
2. PM Skills
3. Strategy
4. PM Leadership

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