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NEW: one day after we highlighted missing pillar 2 cases, PHE has published full data (both pillars) on new cases in English local areas (as of 10 days ago)

Here are latest cases across whole UK 

By me, @SarahNev, @AndyBounds, @Laura_K_Hughes, @muredickie

The new English data is cases-per-100,000 people during the week ending June 21.

Leicester’s new outbreak makes it the clear hotspot in England, though Merthyr Tydfil is currently recording the most new infections in the wider UK due to the outbreak at its meatpacking plant.

More broadly, some patterns are visible:
• Most areas with high new infections are in Yorkshire or the north & midlands of England
• Wales is counting the cost of 3 meatpacking plant outbreaks
• Northern Ireland and particularly Scotland are seeing very low infection rates

Important to note the different types of new outbreaks we’re seeing here:
• Outbreaks in meatpacking plants are not good, but thus far have been fairly well contained. Not turned into community spread
• Leicester seems different: cases cropping up in many different settings

International perspective:

140 cases per 100k in one week is very concerning, warrants close monitoring & maybe renewed lockdowns (depending on community spread vs single cluster).

But in several US states we’re now seeing new weekly cases as high as 300 per 100k ⚠️

Today’s new data from PHE is great to see, but I hope we’ll soon see daily rather than weekly data, and with a much shorter time lag.

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all publish daily new cases (pillars 1 & 2) for everyone to see. England needs to follow suit.

PHE do share more timely & granular data with local public health officials, so the people who need it most do have access.

But every day, normal people are looking for this data to guide their decisions on how to go about their daily lives. The daily data should be for everyone

Here’s the full dataset for all UK local areas: 

And the sources for all of that data:

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