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New Q

Q saying Epstein was the puppet. Maxwell was his handler. Epstein was used and funded by billionaires to blackmail key pols and CEOs in USA through child rape, etc. Robert Maxwell was Ghislaine's father. Ultimately it's likely the Mossad who was managing Epstein.

Follow the family. Her father was British parliamentarian Robert Maxwell. He owned a media empire. Look where Robert was buried when he died...mount of Olives in Jerusalem...messiah complex?

Ghislaine moves to the US in 1991 after her father died. Her father was a huge supporter of Israel in 1940s-1950s. She connected with Epstein likely through her father’s connection to Victoria Secret founder Wexler.

Big connection between UK royals, Clinton’s, maxwel and Epstein established. Connection between Lynn Rothschild, Gloria Vanderbilt, Epstein and Bill Clinton or UK Royal. photo of Maxwell with a Rothschild at national youth orchestra hosted by actor Ron Perleman

Who is Wexler?

Epstein's pal Wexler, stepped down as Victoria Secret CEO, as former and current models call for end to VS culture of sexual misconduct in work place

[their] symbolism will be [their] downfall.

Take a look at the shape of Leslie Wexler's residential property. Symbolism? Is that a Tanit?

Same symbol as above Gloria Vanderbilt?

similar symbol worn by Gloria Vanderbilt

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