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I have just requested that @GuardianAus & @smh investigate whether two of their environment reporters violated journalistic ethics in preparing what appear to be eerily similar attacks on my character

Please re-tweet this to expose their unethical behavior


My first request goes to @lisazdavies @p_hannam @KathrynWicksSMH regarding the behavior of @npomalley

I am attaching the 3-page letter I have just sent

My second request goes to @GuardianAus editors @lenoretaylor @davidmunk regarding the behavior of @readfearn

I am attaching the 4-page letter that I have just sent.

Both reporters appear to be preparing identical attacks on my character

The basis of both attacks are totally false and outrageous, designed to damage my reputation simply by having the allegations repeated

As background, my research organization, Environmental Progress (EP) accepts donations solely from individuals and organizations with no financial interest in our work

I publish the names of our donors clearly & on our website, and I named them again in Apocalypse Never

As you can see from the letters, neither @npomalley nor @readfearn appear to be operating in good faith

I am happy to record a Zoom call with either or both of them and upload the entire unedited version to @YouTube

However, their supervisors should investigate their behavior

As I prepared these letters, I was disturbed to discover that @guardian is actively seeking advertising revenue from large renewable energy companies

My writings, including Apocalypse Never, directly attack the viability & environmental quality of renewables

Perhaps it's a coincidence that @guardian is using unethical tactics in an effort to harm my credibility while it is also seeking more renewable energy advertisers.

Either way, there is a perception of conflict of interest, and the behaviors of @readfearn are unethical.

If @npomalley and @readfearn are honest & ethical reporters, they will take me up on my offer to record a Zoom call. I am free any time. I will get up at 2 am my time if that's what it takes for me to be given the chance to defend myself against these false and ugly accusations.

If the editors of @GuardianAus & @smh publish articles attacking me without taking me up on my repeated offers to be interviewed, on-the-record, any time any day, then they will be in violation of the Code of Ethics of the British Nation Union and the Australian Press Council.

Thank you friends in Oz for your support on this

Please retweet and like these tweets and help me stand up to these bullies who plainly, and perhaps rightly, view "Apocalypse Never," and me, as dangerous to their dark green political cause.


For the third time now I have told @npomalley that I would be interviewed by him.

And for the third time, he has ignored my reply.

Nick, how is it you have time to re-tweet @GretaThunberg but no time to actually interview the person you're gunning for?

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