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The way in which people are freaking out about @HPluckrose & @ConceptualJames' book on Critical Theory is very telling. It's a very thorough, conscientious, well referenced scholarly overview of a school of thought. I'm hearing that it's conspiratorial, unethical, evil... 1/

It's EVIL to write a critical examination of an influential school of thought? This is very telling. Can you think of any other movement that it would be considered evil to write a study of? It's absolutely ABSURD. Grow up, people. 2/

People are telling me they are frightened—frightened—of what the book contains. It's a survey of a body of theoretical literature, not the instructions for building a nuclear bomb. I hate to resort to the silly insult that people are snowflakes but really. Are you six years old?

You demand everyone in a slew of academic departments examine everything in accordance with the tenets of this theory but the theory itself can't be examined because it will hurt you and it makes you feel sad and scared? This is cry bullying behaviour. 4/

It can't be examined as a whole because there are subtle differences between individual theorists? (An objection I'm constantly hearing.) There are books on entire historical periods, entire nations. Yes, one can generalise about a tiny set of related work starting in 1990. 5/

I've never in my life heard so many pusillanimous, bad faith, ridiculous critiques of an academic book people haven't read in my life. And some of this bleating is coming from tenured full professors. If you recognise yourself in this description, get a grip. 6/

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