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I'm fascinated by GOP anti-mask anger.

(caveat: 53% of Republicans say they wear masks: )

My working theories:

1. It's group polarization. Americans love outsourcing view-formation to their political enemies. Liberals seem to like masks; so masks = bad.

2. Trump's against masks. Some Americans love outsourcing their view-formation to the president.

3. It's a freedom thing. "If you want to live, put this thing ON YOUR FACE" reads to the rugged-individualism-idolatry crowd like some scary big government biopower bullshit.

(pls read "freedom" and "some scary big government biopower bullshit" in your preferred tone of sarcasm)

4. It's a "new" thing: Some people don't like new behaviors. Some conservatives are dispositionally neo-phobic. They see the history of US cultural change as a river that only flows one way--away from their values. So they're broadly anti-new, and, tbh, universal masks are v new.

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