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1) Looks like the Queen of Epstein Island, Ghislaine Maxwell, was actually the Queen of Reddit

The online autists have done some tremendous digging on this

2) None of this should be surprising once you connect the dots.

Just the other day, former CEO of Reddit Ellen Pao, said she knew Maxwell was "supplying underage girls for sex"

Pao deleted the tweet, but not before it was saved.

The internet never forgets

3) It looks like her user account on Reddit was /u/Maxwellhill and was a moderator for /r/worldnews and /r/technology and was the first Reddit account to reach one million "Karama" or upvote points 

4) /u/Maxwellhill posted nearly every day for 14 years up until one week ago when the real Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested.

5) /u /Maxwellhill also had a suspicious gap of missing posts that coincided with the death of Ghislaine Maxwell's mother's death in 2013.

6) /u/Maxwellhill also had a gap in posting during the time in which Pao mentioned seeing Ghislaine Maxwell at the Kleiner Perkins party.

7) /u/Maxwellhill also took it upon herself to correct the "age of consent" for various countries on numerous reddit posts

8) /u/ Maxwellhill made Reddit posts on why child sex material should be made legal

9) /u/Maxwellhill complained about laws that protest children

10) /u/Maxwellhill was also the target of a Daily Dot article in which the user was accused of deleting posts that mentioned "maxwellhill," as well as corruption as a Reddit moderator 

12) Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this article about the success of /u/Maxwellhill not written by Maxwellhill? 

13) None of this should really be surprising to any of us.

Reddit has routinely closed down popular subreddits like The_Donald and other "wrong think" domains to protect their censorship model.

14) Using an archived link so Variety doesn't receive click revenue, but Reddit is routinely in the habbit of censoring subreddits they don't agree with

Pure authoritarian censorship

If one of their mods was indeed Ghislaine Maxwell, would it shock you? 

15) Finishing with a gentle reminder that just 5 people control 92 of the top 500 subs.

Have your posts been deleted? Now you know why.

The mods routinely delete these photos, which is a list who controls the subs. I wonder why....🤔🤔🤔

16) Adding more as I find it.

creddit to /u/OverallGeologist for the following

/u/Maxwellhill mentions the reddit founders by name in the Gizmodo interview. Also mentioned is Jason Calacanis who created a reddit competitor. Calacanis is also in Epstein's book.

17) Reddit was sold to Conde Nast in October, 2006.

Conde Nast owns Vanity Fair, which published the article "The Talented Mr. Epstein" in 2003. 

18) I had forgotten about Aaron Swartz, original co-founder of Reddit.

Was he killed for finding out something seriously evil and dark by his fellow Reddit mods/founders?

Credit to @amycheapho 

19) Take Steve Huffman for example, another Reddit co-founder.

He's also been linked, and caught making questionable posts about cannibalism.

He's also been caught editing user comments that criticized him.

20) Gaps in Maxwellhill's post history coincide with the disappearance of Medeleine McCann

21) post history of a Maxwellhill is being scrubbed by reddit admins. 

22) Google "Maxwellhill 6123" and you'll return cryptic comments about sex, teenagers, political positions etc...

23) this is the aforementioned tweet by pao admitting she knew exactly who maxwell was in my 2nd post.

Credit to @APOKALUPTO2020

24) Great thread on Maxwell by @agentrevolt

Appending to this ever growing thread.

25) Trash heap Vice magazine publishes an article dEbUnKiNg this theory that Maxwellhill is Ghislaine... Why would they do that?

She submitted vice articles 130 times

A reddit mod with her stature generates A LOT of clicks for this rag

Definitely (no) cooperation between them

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