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Another video on the topic of Nicole Junkermann pulled down. It's hard going when you're constantly being censored by a fascist German Epstein associate.

Nicole Junkermann is still actively hiding her multiple associations with Jeffrey Epstein.

#BermasBrigade #Censorship

This is the pic Nicole Junkermann is trying to destroy from the internet. A screenshot from Carbyne911's website in 2019. All these people are the Mossad & Nicole Junkermann's there too. Why are NJFHoldings investing in a spy company along with Jeffrey Epstein & Peter Thiel?

Nicole Junkermann has taken herself off the Carbyne911 website after my first article.

It was damage limitation, deniability, and to distance herself from Epstein so she can still get those lucrative Tory government AI contracts from the NHS and @MattHancock


Remember this woman people!

Why was Nicole Junkermann & Jeffrey Epstein together with two US Senators at Les Wexner's UK mansion on 1 Sept 2002?

Why's she invested with Epstein in Ehud Barak's Carbyne911 Mossad cover operation?

She's a German Fascistic Dystopian Control Freak!

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