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I love biking: it's the best way to explore the city you live in, social-distance hangout with friends, and get a great workout in. 🚴‍♀️

For beginners looking to get into road biking, especially as quarantine drags on, here's what to look for when buying your first road bike:

1: 💵 Where to buy. You can find great gems on FB marketplace or Craigslist, especially if this is your first bike and you're not sure how dedicated you'll be.

Avoid the obviously sketchy ones, and expect to spend >$400.

2: 🚲Bike frame. Make sure you get one that fits you!

Check out this table, and find the right frame size for your height: .

3: 🔨 Frame material. Think about the types of rides that you want to do. Long distance? Lots of hills? Ideally, you'll want an aluminum frame (carbon-fiber forks a plus).

Aluminum is a durable, comfortable, and light-weight frame material that'll take you far.

4: ⚙️ Shifters/Gears (aka groupset). Shimano and G2 are great, reliable brands. Get a bike with a good number of gears (mine has 21).

The best rides involve fun climbs, but those climbs won't be as fun if you don't have the right number of gears to support you. 😉

5: ✨ Bike condition. If you're buying secondhand, take a look at all of the components. Has the previous owner taken good care of the bike? Are the gears rusted? Do they have a lot of grime? How do the brakepads look?

6: 💪 Feel and fit. Imo, this is the most important part! Remember that you'll be riding this bike over many, many miles.

When you try it out, how does it feel? How does the frame fit you? Are you able to comfortably shift gears, and start/stop the bike?

Anyways -- discussions about bikes could go on forever, but those are, I think, the 6 most important things to know for absolute beginners. Happy cycling 😎

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