Carole Cadwalladr+ Your Authors @carolecadwalla Late adopter. Late giver-upper. Guardian & Observer writer. Jul. 16, 2020 1 min read + Your Authors

I've only just taken in depth & scale of cuts at @guardian. And I don't think most people understand depth & scale of threat we are facing. Dominic Cummings is re-making the British state as we speak. Journalism has honestly never been more important 

It's the death of the Saturday paper as we know it.The Weekend mag, Review section, the Guide. The Observer has been saved - for now. But it's beginning of the end of the 'Weekend papers'. A narrowing of focus that diminishes us. And will leave us ever more prey to the platforms

If you read news online, your choice of articles will be algorithmically framed. Every click, every preference will be harvested & captured. You will sent down rat runs you won't even realise are rat runs. The weekend papers are - were - curated with love & care by humans.

Humans make mistakes. They have cognitive biases. They may or may not like Corbyn. But newspapers have been with us a long time. They are like & of us: the people. But these platforms are something different. And the end of the Saturday Guardian is a loss of something much bigger

To clarify: I'm never-endingly grateful to @guardian website as we all should be. Quality journalism free at point of access. My point is that online news distribution gifts even more power to the powerful: Facebook, Google, Twitter. The platforms are the winners here. As ever

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