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I was contacted this morning by a whistle-blower in Europe who wishes to remain anonymous.

He told me about these elite "hunting parties"

Where global elites literally hunt captured children from ages 4-16 in forests.

These stories have been floating around - (THREAD)

Online for a few years, I even included a reference to them in my novel "Beyond The Blue Girl" I will be honest, I never knew for sure that they actually were going on. But it appears they are. It's now all starting to make sense.

The whistle-blower also informed me of this -

They grind up the remains of the dead bodies into a paste, which is mixed into ground meat, which fast-food chains use to make their burgers. They are literally making us eat other humans. I have spoken about the satanic roots of fast food and the Pepsi scandal where they used -

aborted fetus cells as a "sweetener" These people really are sick.

Let's take a look at some pictures from John Podesta's art collection (Podesta was HRC campaign manager)

Looks like kids who have been tortured running through woods?

The black forest springs to mind.........

Notice the red shoes? in the top right-hand pictures, and below (the guy in the middle in Tony Podesta)

Red shoes are made from the skin of victims.

Macauly Caulkin even came out and said a producer of "Home Alone" told him that in the early 1990s

It's dark stuff.

"Let's dance, Put on your red shoes and dance the blues"

Remember that David Bowie track?

I think I know what the sicko meant now, clearly a reference to the satanic cabal who run the music industry.

Bill Clinton was also painted (in woman's clothing) in Espteins art collection - again, check the shoes, symbolism will be there downfall

This is a very dark rabbit hole, but it must be exposed and the public must be made aware. Even popular ex adult entertainer Jenna Jameson went public recently and spoke about it.

Maybe the huge police presence in the black forest yesterday was the start of justice being served?

Who knows for sure, but I was told hundreds of caves and secret underground tunnels were raided. What was found, makes any sick horror movie, look timid by comparison!

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