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Nuclear waste is the best kind of waste

- safest (death toll: 0)

- prevents deadly air pollution (~2M lives saved to date)

- tiny amounts (all the nuc waste in Netherlands is in that orange building)

Why is Nuclear the best?

Because E=MC2!!

#PowerDensity explains the world

How in the world did we become so brainwashed about nuclear waste?

No way of making electricity other than nuclear power safely manages and pays for any its waste.

In other words, nuclear power’s waste by-products aren‘t a mark against the technology, they are its key selling point.


Because sunlight is dilute, solar panels produce 300x more waste than nuclear

Unlike with nuclear, almost all solar panel waste goes to landfill

“I’ve been working in solar since 1976 and that’s part of my guilt,” said a veteran solar developer


The higher the power density, the lower the environmental impact

Where a lump of wood can cook a pot of beans, a lump of uranium can power my entire high-energy life!

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